Sixth marriage with his 5 divorce lawyer, 3 years before his death, the world considered a great inventor. Hollywood Actress Hedy Lamarr Personal Life Controversy, Tragedy And Invention

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In today’s unheard tales, it would not be wrong to talk about a woman who is rightly called ‘Beauty with Brain’. This was an American actress, whose name is Heidi Lamar. Headey’s name was included in Hollywood’s most beautiful actresses, but she was deeply interested in the world of technology since childhood. During the Second World War in 1941, he discovered such a technology of communication, with the help of which we are able to use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS today.

This invention of Heady was not given any special attention then, but when its importance was understood decades later, she was given the Oscar of the world of science, which she was the first woman to receive. As successful as Headie was, her personal life was equally tragic. 6 marriages failed and 3 sons did not even get love. This was the reason that she left the world while living her life in loneliness.

Read this week’s full story of Heady’s achievements and ups and downs…

Technical detail learned from father since childhood

Heidi Lamar (Eva Maria Kiesler) was born on 9 November 1914 in Vienna, Austria. His mother Gutrud was a piano player and father Emil Kiesler was a successful banker, who had a great interest in technology. While Heady inherited art skills from his mother, he also grew interested in technology and science while living with his father.

Heady’s father would take him for a daily walk and explain the techniques of everything he saw along the way. When father was involved in an invention, Headey would also learn with him. The desire to learn is such that sometimes I would open the bulb, sometimes I would take apart the sound box and understand.

Won beauty contest at the age of just 12

Heady, who was very beautiful since childhood, was interested in theater and acting. She participated in a beauty contest in Vienna at the age of just 12 and won. Right after this Heady started taking acting classes.

came to the movies with a fake letter of mother’s name

Heady was so eager to work in films that one day he got his mother’s name faked and Sasha went to film production. Mother was a successful piano player, so the production hired Headey as a script girl. Due to talent, he got extra roles in the 1930 films ‘Money on the Street’ and ‘Storm in a Water Girl’.

Producer Max Reinhardt cast Headey in the film ‘The Weaker Sex’, which was a huge success. Pleased with the performance, Max brings Heady with him to Berlin. After coming to Berlin, he worked in the films of other production houses.

If nude scene was given in 18 years, then there was discussion all over the world

In 1933, at the age of just 18, Headey appeared in the film ‘Ecstasy’. She played the role of a young wife. Many nude and vulgar scenes of her were shown in the film. On one hand the film became a huge hit, while on the other hand it was heavily criticized.

Refusing to shoot a nude scene, the director threatened the contract

Heady had signed the contract without even reading it. During the shoot, when the director asked Heady to take off all the clothes, she got scared and refused. Heady said that she will not shoot nude scenes. The director reminded her by contract that if she leaves the film, she will have to pay for all the scenes shot.

The director explained to him that all the scenes are being shot from a distance, so there is no need to panic. Headey agreed. Heady was also present when the film premiered in Prague. Her tears couldn’t stop when she saw her nude close-up shots at the packed premiere. She got very angry at the director, shouted, but people had seen this scene.

Allegations of cheating on the makers

As the controversy escalated, Heady clarified that the makers had created these scenes with a high-power telephoto lens by deceit, but people associated with the film denied this claim. The director said that Heady knew at the time of shooting that the scenes were close-ups.

Austria’s third richest man was convinced of the beauty

Due to the bold scene, Headey’s image became a sex symbol. Giving hit films, the number of fans of Heidi Lamar was increasing. One of these was Friedrich Mandal, who was the third richest man in Austria. Frederick used to supply arms to the Austrian military. Their charm and richness also affected Heady and both of them decided to get married.

Heady’s parents were against their marriage, as Frederick was associated with such people as the Italian leader Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler, while Headey’s family was with those who stood against him and the German government.

Heady imprisoned in his own house

Heady went against the family and married Frederick. Headey was just 18 and Frederick 33 at the time. After marriage, famous people standing against each other from two different countries used to attend the Lavish party of their house.

Heady had a lot of money and a luxury life in this house, but she was feeling suffocated due to her husband’s pressure. They were neither allowed to keep their ornaments nor to leave the house. If I used to talk to someone on the phone, my husband would listen to all the recordings.

Angry husband bought cassettes of Heady’s bold films

With the ban on acting in films, Headey was kept as a prisoner at home. Frederick was so annoyed at Heady’s bold scenes that he bought all the cassettes for Heady’s films. Headey’s independence was almost over. When things went from bad to worse, Headey decided to run away from home.

Drug was given to the maid to run away from the house

For this, Headey obeyed Frederick’s words for a few days and with the help of maids, he collected money by selling ornaments one by one. For a party, Headey took permission from her husband to wear all the jewelry together. In the same party, Heady drugged a maid and, wearing her dress, ran away from the house as soon as she got a chance.

Heady’s maid writes him a letter saying that Frederick is looking for him, but Heady decides to come to the world instead of hiding. Eventually Frederick also found it easier to divorce them.

Even in compulsion, the offer of Hollywood’s biggest studio was turned down

In 1937, Headey came to London and met Louis B. Meyer of MGM Studios. It was almost impossible to hire Heady, who became a sex symbol from the movie Ecstasy, but being beautifully impressed, Louis offered her a contract for a fee of $125 a week, but Heady refused. Louis was about to leave for the US.

When Heady realized the deal was running out of his hands, he decided to board the same ship that Louis was on his way back. All the tickets for the ship were sold out. With the help of a talent scout, Heady agreed to pose as a 14-year-old piano player’s nanny, and she found a place on the ship. Louis was very impressed by the way Headey came in the ship.

He noticed that everyone on the ship was attracted to Heady. Impressed, Louis signed them for a fee of $ 500 a week. To hide the notoriety from the bold film, Louis named him Eva Maria to Hedi Lamar. In 1938, MGM Studios promoted Heidi as the most beautiful girl in the world.

Heady became a Hollywood star with the 1938 film Algiers, whose beauty was discussed around the world. Heady became a star, giving hit upon hit for a few years, but her image became that of an actress who was taken in films for beauty and seduction.

Films flopped, career wasted and films got out of hand

After the production films flopped, Headey again started working in MGM studio films, but now his films were flopping back-to-back. During the shooting of the 1966 picture Mommy Dead, Headey collapsed on set from a nervous exhaustion. As a result, he was thrown out of the film.

Secret communication system invented

When films became scarce, Headey began researching new technologies in her spare time. This is about the time when the second world war had started. During the war, the Navy used audio devices to direct torpedoes fired by submarines, but the message sent through it was easily decoded by the enemy, as it was sent through an antenna.

Heady understood the problem and, with the help of his friend George Anthill, devised a device that could secretly send messages to soldiers. It was a frequency hopping spread spectrum device, but at that time the US Navy rejected his invention. Headey had patented the invention, but his patent expired when it was not accepted by the Navy.

Today the same technology is used for everything from Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS to wireless phones. People believed that Headey was a beautiful woman who was passionately inclined towards technology, but one of her inventions is making life easier for almost everyone today. Sadly, Headey didn’t get the appreciation and credit for it in due time. He got credit for the 1941 invention, 56 years later in 1997, when he was awarded the Invention Conventions BULBIE Ganas Spirit of Achievement Award.

6 marriages but none lasted more than 5-7 years

Headey married screenwriter and producer Jeanne Markey in 1939, two years after splitting from Frederick in 1937. In 1939, the two adopted a son, James Lamar Markey. The marriage broke up in 1941 and Headey married John Lauder two years later. From this marriage, the couple had two more children, Denise and Anthony.

This marriage also broke up in a few years, so Headey married a nightclub owner Ernest Stauffer for the fourth time, which broke up within a year. In 1953, Headey married W Howard Lee for the fifth time, which lasted 7 years, but the couple divorced in 1960. Surprisingly, Heady married for the sixth time with Lewis J Bois, the lawyer who got her last 5 divorces, but the result was a divorce this time too.

Refusal to adopt son

Headey adopted a child, James, with her second husband, who she later handed over to actor John Lauder. That’s what became John, Headey’s third husband. When adopted son James was 12 years old, Heidi had a fight with him and was sent to another family.

Years later, it was revealed through a document that James Heady and John actually had a biological son, whom they had kept hidden for fear of slander. Fearing the world, Headey first pretends to adopt his own biological son and later marries his own father. Although Heady always refused to accept this.

Headey left the world at the age of 85

Within a few years, Headey’s film career was ruined and she went away from the world. Heady stopped meeting people completely and started staying in touch with people only through phone. Headey used to stay locked in the house and talk to people for 7-8 hours daily.

Eventually, on January 19, 2000, 85-year-old Headey died in isolation. Some also believed that Heady’s plastic surgery had deteriorated, due to which he had distanced himself from the eyes of the world.

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