South Koreans are abandoning Galaxy phones for the iPhone

Seoul: South Koreans are giving up on domestic tech giant Samsung’s Galaxy phones for iPhones over a gaming controversy, a new report has said.

According to SamMobile, a video from South Korea shows that the entire GOS controversy that surfaced earlier this year has prompted many people to switch from Galaxy devices to iPhones.

According to the report, in March this year it emerged that Samsung was throttling over 10,000 apps and games on its devices through software called Game Optimization Service.

The report states that GOS degrades GPU and CPU performance when it detects any app or game on the list.

Benchmarking apps were conveniently omitted in the list which meant Samsung phones would post high-performance scores that would not represent real-world performance. Due to this Geekbench banned Samsung phones with GOS.

Samsung claimed that the main purpose of GOS was to prevent the device from overheating when performance-intensive apps and games are used for extended periods.

It later released a fix that added a button to the Game Booster app, which allowed GOS to prioritize maximum performance for all apps and games.

A South Korean YouTuber took to the streets in Seoul and asked citizens what phone they were using and whether they would prefer a Galaxy phone over an iPhone.

The video also points out that the rate of people in their 40s switching from Galaxy devices to iPhones has seen a double-digit increase recently.

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