South’s Sunny Leone Archana Gautam becomes the new captain of Bigg Boss house, changes her attitude as soon as she gets the responsibility

The fans of Bigg Boss 16 entertainment queen Archana Gautam will be happy to read this news. Archana Gautam, the pride of the show, has become the new captain of the house. This information about Archana has come to the fore on Bigg Boss Fanclub. Archana Gautam has got a chance to become the captain by removing Shiv Thackeray from the captaincy.

Archana becomes new captain

This news about Archana becoming the captain has excited BB lovers. It will be super fun to see how Archana Gautam, the most bubbly, cool and mastibaaz of the house, manages it after becoming the captain. By the way, after becoming the captain in the live feed, the revenge of Archana Gautam is visible. Archana is looking very calm and gracious. This avatar of Archana, who raises the issue of one thing or the other, can surprise the fans. Archana says that now he is the captain, he has responsibility on him, so he is calm. This means that the super funny Archana is going to show her serious side for a few days.

It is clearly shown in the live feed that all the contestants are upset due to Archana’s calmness. On this, Archana says that she is now handling the responsibility, so she has to be serious. However, Archana is not one to stay quiet for a long time. Soon she will be seen making a peacock by killing someone.

Captaincy snatched from Shiv Thackeray

Archana Gautam is going to blow the nose of the family members in the upcoming episode. In the promo, Archana was seen playing utensils at night. Archana has taken this step after getting upset due to the ruckus of the family members in the middle of the night and not allowing them to sleep. He also has an argument with Captain Shiv. Archana and Priyanka make the people of their team against the captaincy of Shiv Thackeray. Archana, Ankit, Priyanka shy away from doing household chores. After seeing the rebellion against Captain Shiv Thackeray in the house, Bigg Boss is seen taking a big decision. Now what decision did Bigg Boss take that Shiv Thackeray has lost the captaincy will be revealed in Friday’s episode.

Talking about Archana Gautam, her Big Boss Journey is making people laugh a lot. In the last Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan also praised Archana Gautam. Archana’s one liners and dialogues are trending. Archana Gautam, who came in Big Boss, is an actress and leader by profession. Archana has to marry a big minister. Hopefully Archana will become an even bigger star after the show Bigg Boss, seeing Archana’s journey so far, it is estimated that she will go till the end of the show.

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