Special News: Research Park Will Be Built in JNU on the Lines of IIT

Students will get the benefit of research and scholarship and employment opportunities will increase. 100 startup companies will work in 5 years.


Research Park will be built in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) on the lines of IIT Madras. The name of this research park of JNU will be the State of the Art Building. This will be the first park in the country to conduct research with startup companies on Biotechnology, Science, and Life Sciences in a university. Students of JAU will find opportunities for research and employment in companies starting here. At the same time, the university will meet its expenses by using the income from here. With the creation of a research park, the students of the university will also get relief from the fee hike.

University Vice-Chancellor Prof. M Jagadesh Kumar told that 100 startup companies will start working in the park in 5 years. This will provide opportunities for research and employment to the students. The state-of-the-art building will be built in the JNU campus itself. Students with a career in research will get an opportunity to research with these startup companies on campus after the completion of their degree program.

A loan of Rs 15 crore has been taken for the research park under the Higher Education Financing Agency (HIFA). After the building is built, the startup company will get space in it, and in return, money will be given to the university.

World-class center, labs, and classrooms will be
built, JNU administration is preparing better opportunities for students to study. For this, a new building of School of Engineering, School of Management is being prepared. In this world-class classroom, labs, hostels, libraries, etc. will be built. With their creation, seats in various degree programs and hostels will increase. For this, at present, the university has taken loans for various schemes under HIFA. JNU administration believes that of course, the university is taking loans in HEFA. But it will directly benefit the students and teachers only.

Emphasis on providing better facilities to the students There are 5 startup companies in the School of Sciences working in the fields of Biotechnology, Life Sciences, etc. A plan has been prepared to take the number of companies to 100 in five years. The startup companies will be provided with space and platforms on the campus. In return, companies will give money. This money will be used to provide better facilities, various options in studies and employment opportunities to the students. – Pro. M Jagadesh Kumar, Vice-Chancellor, JNU

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