Start saving now for the Pixel Watch’s stylish (and pricey) metal band

Google just announced the Pixel Watch alongside the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, and more than just being the company’s first proper smartwatch, it’s also got some pretty interesting hardware in its own right — including making the straps quick and easy to swap out. An innovative mechanism for We’ve already seen a bunch of Google’s alternative bands listed with the Watch when pre-orders open in the Google Store, and now we’re checking out a few more landing pages. To no one’s surprise, these metal options are almost prohibitively expensive.

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Google launched the Pixel Watch with five types of bands, each with multiple color options: two leather, one silicone, and two woven bands. Prices range from $50 to $80 each. Now joining them are Metal Link Bands and Metal Trap Bands on Google’s storefront (via 9to5Google) and if you thought those current prices were high… well, stay in your seat.

For the price of just $200, the Metal Link Band can be yours, available in brushed silver and matte black. It fits wrists in circumference between 137 and 203mm. Google openly states that this option is neither sweat resistant nor water resistant, so ideally, these are more when you are getting ready for business meetings and casual outings, and that Less wear in hard mud.

Pixel Watch Metal Lynx Band

Google’s other metal band for the Pixel Watch is called the Metal Mesh Band and costs a relatively low $130. It’s being marketed with a greater focus on fashion rather than daily wear or a sportswear accessory — and apparently, there’s no promise of sweat or water resistance here once again. You can get this band finish in champagne gold, matte black, and polished silver to match the Pixel watch case (or vice versa, if that’s your style)

Pixel Watch Metal Mesh Band

If the sticker prices for these bands seem a bit high (hey, we warned you), don’t worry—you only have a few months to save up to afford them without guilt. Neither are available right out of the gate, and Google plans to eventually release them next spring. Hey, at least they’re cheaper than the $350 Link bracelet for Apple Watch. So, skip staring at these beautiful palettes and save!

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