Story of the company that gave Maggi and instant coffee to the world. The story of the company that gave Maggi and instant coffee to the world

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Nestle…The world’s largest food and beverage company. The company that gave the world the formula for making instant coffee. Who gave 2 minute Maggi to the runaway life. At present, the company selling products of more than 2,000 brands worldwide. Nestle, which is often in controversies about its products, is in discussion today because of its employees. Nearly 1,000 employees of three Nestle factories in India have refused to work on Sunday.

Today in Mega Empire, know about Nestle giving Kit-Kat to the world as a break…

The foundation of Nestle was laid by a pharmacist, thus the mega empire was formed

The year was 1866, when Henry Nestle, a pharmacist, laid the foundation for a milk-food production company. The first product was created for mothers who could not breastfeed. Made from cow’s milk, wheat and sugar, this product made Nestle an instant success. At the same time a company named Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk came into the market. It was founded by three American brothers in Switzerland. After nearly two decades of competition with Nestle, the two companies merged in 1905. And from here began the journey of a mega empire which became famous worldwide for its milk products, bottled water and candy bars.

The world was fighting World War 1, Nestle was climbing the ladder of progress

Nestle opened its first American factory in 1900 to expand its business overseas. During World War-1, the company got several government contracts for milk and chocolate. By the end of the war, Nestle had 40 factories around the world. The Nescafe was invented by the company’s factory in Brazil in 1938. Which became the first commercial product for instant coffee.

Instant coffee discovered as a solution to a problem

According to Forbes, Nescafe is the largest division of Nestle. In 1929, Nestlé was headed by Louis Dapples, a former bank employee. When coffee prices fell in 1929, the Nestle president found a way to preserve coffee. It took almost four years to discover this method, but with the help of chemists, Nestlé finally came up with a formula for turning coffee into powder. This formula could have been re-hydrated. He launched it as Nescafe in Switzerland in 1938 and by 1940 Nescafe had reached 29 more countries.

Nestle gave the world the first milk chocolate

If you love milk chocolate you should thank Peter, a friend of Henri Nestle. If you think milk chocolate is a recent invention, then let us tell you that you are wrong! In 1887, the world got the first milk chocolate recipe. This recipe was made by none other than his friend Peter, who lived in the neighborhood of Henry Nestle. By 1901, the demand for this milk chocolate was so high that Peter was unable to sell it on his own. In 1904, Peter and Nestle agreed that they would produce this chocolate together and the Nestle company would market it. That’s why this first milk chocolate was named “Nestle” chocolate. Later on, chocolate brands like Kit-Kat and Milky Bar were made on this milk chocolate formula.

In India, Nestle brought Maggi to the kitchen of every household.

Nestle India Limited is the only company that brought Maggi to India in 1984. In 1947, the brand ‘Maggi’ was merged with the Swiss company Nestle, since then Maggi has remained the most famous brand of Nestle. Nestle India spends around Rs 100 crore on advertising, of which Maggi has the largest share. When Nestlé first launched noodles under the Maggi brand in the eighties, it was purely a breakfast option for urban people who did not have much time to eat and cook. With the slowly changing lifestyle, the eating habits were also changing in the same proportion. In the post-1991 era of economic liberalization, when the doors of our markets opened to the world, the pace of change accelerated. Maggie also benefited from this. Maggi, which can be prepared in 2 minutes, became a necessity in every kitchen.

Along with the food brand, Nestle also owns the hair color brand.

Surely you know that Nestle is the one behind products like Nescafe and Nesquick, which is pretty clear from their names. But the names of some brands are not so clear that Nestle is their owner. As such Nestle is one of the largest shareholders of the beauty brand L’Oreal. The same L’Oreal which has brands like Maybelline, Garnier. At present, Nestle holds more than 20 percent stake in L’Oreal.

The future of Nestle: Stepping towards veganism with the Vegan Kit-Kat

Recently Nestle has launched KitKat V under Veganism. The new vegetarian version of KitKat was launched in the United Kingdom, Poland, Estonia, and Lithuania markets from mid-June. Soon this product will be launched in India as well as Australia and Brazil market. KitKat V is created by chocolate experts at Nestlé’s Research Center in the UK.

Nestle also at the forefront of controversies

Nestle itself has admitted that most of its products are not healthy. During the company’s internal presentation in June 2021, Nestle had told that more than 60 percent of its products do not meet health standards. Nestle, the world’s largest food company, has a long history of controversies.

  • Even in 1977, there was a lot of boycott in America regarding Nestle’s product. Which gradually spread to Europe as well.
  • In 1990, there were many protests in Pakistan regarding Nestle’s marketing practices.
  • In 2007, Nestle was accused of chocolate price-fixing in Canada.
  • In India too, in the year 2015, there was a lot of ruckus about Nestle’s popular product Maggi.

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