Subramanian Swamy says USA China and Russia reject India not they accept Pakistan Former BJP MP said – no everyone has adopted Pakistan

Former Bharatiya Janata Party MP Subramanian Swamy has made a tweet about India’s changing relations with America, China and Russia. In this, he has mentioned the distances coming in India’s relations with these countries. At the same time, he has also talked about the improving relations of Pakistan with America, China and Russia.

He wrote in his tweet, “America, China and Russia rejected India? No, everyone has adopted Pakistan!”

China’s attitude towards India has always been bitter. In the violent clash in Ladakh in 2020, 20 Indian soldiers have also been martyred. However, China has always been soft on Pakistan. Whether it is a matter of getting a resolution passed by the UN on terrorists like Hafiz Saiz or any other issue. China always seems to stand with Pakistan. Not too surprising about his current attitude. But in the case of Russia, India has to think seriously. Be it the war of 1971 or the war in 1965, 6 years before that. Russia always supported India. Due to Russia’s veto in the case of Bangladesh, America had to keep silence, but now Russia’s attitude towards Pakistan is showing some softness. Russia has been selling arms to India for a long time, but now it is increasing its engagement with the Pakistani army as well. This is a matter of concern for India.

During the time of former US President Donald Trump, America almost stopped the aid to Pakistan. Trump supported India even during the Pulwama attack. However, the Biden administration is not supporting India. In September, the Biden administration approved $450 million in aid to Pakistan for F-16 fighter jets. This is the first major security aid given by Washington to Islamabad in the last four years. The US State Department says that all these things are in the notice of our Congress (Parliament). The special thing is that after this, what America said is an alarm bell for India.

The US has justified Pakistan’s $450 million military aid under the F-16 fighter jet program. The US says that this aid is being given in view of the bilateral relations between America and Pakistan. The US government said that the fleet of these fighter jets will help Pakistan in conducting anti-terrorist operations. Although India raised a lot of noise against the aid, Biden or any of his ministers did not pay heed to External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar.

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