Sunny Deol Best Dialogues: Sunny Deol 10 famous and popular dialogues ghtak damini border gadar ek prem katha tmova

If we talk about the best dialogues in Bollywood films and Sunny Deol’s name does not come, then it is useless. After Amitabh Bachchan, if anyone has been able to take the title of Angry Young Man, then it is Sunny Deol. In his long film career, Sunny has given such dialogues in almost every film, which has gone on the tongue of the audience. Be it Balwant Rai of Ghatak or date on date of Damini, Sunny Deol has given iconic scenes as well as dialogues that settle people’s mind. Let us tell you some such best and selected dialogues….

1. Fatal (1996)– This is the hand of the worker, Katya, melting iron and changing its shape! This power is of the bread earned by blood and sweat. I don’t need to live on anyone’s pieces.

2. Gadar Ek Prem Katha (2001)– Ashraf Ali! Your Pakistan is Zindabad, we don’t mind, but our Hindustan is Zindabad, was Zindabad and will remain Zindabad! Enough is enough.

3. Fatal (1996)- I will pull my heart by putting my hand in the light.. I will lift it and slam it! I will lift it up! I will tear, I will tear!

4. Govind, Damini (1993)– Don’t shout, otherwise I will bury this case here. Neither date nor hearing, direct justice. That too fast.

5. Ghatak (1996)- Even a lion becomes a dog after coming into the cage, Katya. You want me to stay with you as a dog. If you say then I will bite, if you say then I will bark.

6. Damini (1993)– If you misbehave in the court, then I will kill you there. The judge will keep ordering and you will keep getting beaten up.

7. Gadar: Ek Prem Katha (2001)– Be a father and send the daughter away, it is in everyone’s good, otherwise if this jat gets spoiled today, then he will die with hundreds.

8. Border (1997)– Bhairon Singh, today there is talk of dying, don’t do it again. No one won the battle by dying. The battle is won by eliminating the enemy.

9. Ghayal (1990)- Go Bashir Khan, get recruited in some drama company, you will get a lot of progress, you can do good acting.

10. Stubborn (1997)- No Kulkarni, I cannot allow you to go from here, I am definitely sitting here at a height, but the decisions of this court are made by these people sitting at the bottom.

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