‘Surgery to look beautiful, changed nose for fillers’, actress said – people troll, say heroine does not look like – Shruti Haasan opens up on getting nose job surgery and fillers tmovf

Many actresses in the film world resort to cosmetic surgery to look beautiful. Shruti Haasan is also one of those actresses who have taken the help of fillers to enhance her beauty. Shruti Haasan has now spoken openly about her surgery.

Shruti Haasan underwent surgery

Shruti Haasan recently while talking about her nose surgery and fillers said that she does not need anyone to justify how she looks. The actress said- I have got my nose surgery done and it is clear to see that I have got my nose fixed.

The actress said- Earlier my nose was very different. In my first film only my old nose was seen, which has changed a lot now. If I can make my nose beautiful, it’s my choice, it’s my face. Why don’t I

Shruti Haasan further said- I do not feel the need to justify to anyone how I look and why? People say – have you taken fillers? Yes I have taken. Then people say – will you get face lifting done tomorrow? My answer is this – I may or may not do it. This is my body.

People used to taunt Shruti

Shruti Haasan further said- I do not want people to say that Shruti Haasan has asked people to get fillers. No, if you want to get it done then do it and if you don’t want to do it then don’t. Let me just do what I am doing.

Shruti Haasan said that people troll her that she does not look like a heroine. People say – Shruti’s face is like a foreigner’s. Shruti is very talented, but she does not look Indian. But in most of my films, I have also been cast for the role of a village girl. This is quite confusing for me.

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