T20 World Cup 2022: Team India Brilliant Record While Chasing In T20, Won Nine Out Of 11 T20 Matches This Year live

Now only a few days are left for the T20 World Cup. The Indian team has gone to Australia for this. India last won the T20 World Cup in 2007. After this, six more editions of the T20 World Cup have been played, but Team India has not been able to win a single trophy. In such a situation, captain Rohit Sharma and the team management would like to end the 15-year T20 trophy drought. Team India has started preparations for this.

The Indian team has played a total of 32 T20s this year. Out of this, 23 have won. Earlier in the history of T20 International cricket, no team has played so many matches in a calendar year. India overtook Pakistan in this matter, which played 29 matches in 2021. Along with this, winning 24 T20 matches is also the most in a calendar year. Earlier, Pakistan had won 20 matches in 2021. In such a situation, the Indian team can firmly present its claim for the T20 World Cup this year.

Out of the 32 T20s that the Indian team has played this year, 23 have won and the team has lost eight. One match was inconclusive. Team India has chased the target in 11 out of 32 matches this year and won nine. Only against South Africa on October 4 at Indore and against England on July 10 at Nottingham, India had to face defeat in the chase. Apart from this, Team India has won all the matches while chasing this year.

All matches of India in T20 this year (2022)
Result gap India Against date
Victory 68 runs batting first WI 29 July
Victory 6 wickets while chasing WI 16 February
Victory 50 runs batting first ENG 7 July
Victory 8 wickets while chasing SA 28 september
Victory 7 wickets while chasing SL 26 February
Victory 88 runs batting first WI 7 august
Victory 8 runs batting first WI February 18
Victory 49 runs batting first ENG 9 July
Victory 16 runs batting first SA 2 October
Victory 7 wickets while chasing IRE 26 June
Victory 6 wickets while chasing AUS 23 September
Victory 48 runs batting first SA 14 June
Victory 6 wickets while chasing SL February 27
Victory 5 wickets while chasing PAK August 28
Victory 7 wickets while chasing WI August 2
Victory 17 runs batting first WI February 20
Victory 4 runs batting first IRE 28 June
Victory 6 wickets while chasing AUS September 25
Victory 82 runs batting first SA June 17
Victory 101 runs batting first AFG 8 September
Victory 40 runs batting first HK August 31
Victory 59 runs batting first WI 6 august
Victory 62 runs batting first SL February 24
Defeat 4 wickets batting first AUS 20 September
Defeat 4 wickets batting first SA 12 June
Defeat 5 wickets batting first PAK 4 september
Defeat 5 wickets batting first WI August 1
Defeat 6 wickets batting first SL 6 september
Defeat 49 runs while chasing SA October 4
Defeat 17 runs while chasing ENG 10 July
Defeat 7 wickets batting first SA 9 June
ineffective , batting first SA June 19

At the same time, in 20 matches, the Indian team has batted first. Out of this, Team India won 14 matches and lost in six matches. In such a situation, the record of the Indian team in both the cases has been excellent. However, Team India’s record is better in the case of chase. Not only this, Team India’s record is the best in chase when compared to all the teams in T20. The Indian team has been better than the eight major Test-playing teams.

India has so far played 185 matches in T20 history and chased down the target in 83 matches. The team has won 60 matches. At the same time, India had to face defeat in 21 matches, while two matches were tied. India’s win percentage is 74.1. At the same time, Pakistan is at number two. Pakistan has played a total of 203 T20 matches and chased the target in 96 matches. Out of this, the team has won 56 matches, while Pakistan had to face defeat in 34. Two matches were inconclusive and four matches were tied.

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