T20 World cup: India is in the death group of T20 World Cup, two more powerful teams may enter, there will be chaos

New Delhi: The qualifying round matches of the ICC T20 World Cup 2022 are underway. After this round, Super-12 would have started. In the qualifying matches, there have been many big ups and downs in just two days. In such a situation, after its final result, many equations may change for Group-1 and Group-2 of Super-12. Especially in Group-2, the match will be a thorn or say that it can prove to be a death group for all the teams because it includes more than one strong team in which no one can be underestimated.

Why would a death group be formed?

The matches of the Super-12 round will be played in two groups. Group-1 consisting of Afghanistan, Australia, New Zealand and England. The remaining two teams will be A-1 and B-2, which will reach here from the qualifying round. On the other hand, teams from India, Pakistan, South Africa and Bangladesh are included in Group 2. All the teams in this group have the potential to make a difference in the T20 format but the real game could be due to the teams after the qualifying round.

Actually entry of A2 and B1 is to be done in this group. Group A of qualifying consists of teams from Sri Lanka, Namibia, UAE and Netherlands. The chances of the Sri Lankan team coming into the Super-12 from this group are looking very strong. Although they have faced defeat in the first match of the qualifying round, but recently Sri Lanka has defeated big teams like India and Pakistan in the Asia Cup. In such a situation, if the groom joins the group of the Indian team in Super-12 that the challenge will become difficult for everyone.

Apart from this, the Sri Lankan team has also been the champion of the T20 World Cup and the current team is adept at making upsets. In this way Group-2 of Super-12 will become a death group.

West Indies may enter India’s group

West Indies cricket team is the only team in the world to have won the T20 World Cup title twice. Although the team’s performance in the current times has been nothing but despite this, they have many big hitters who have the ability to shatter any bowling attack in the tournament.

However, qualifying has to be played to get into the Super-12. West Indies are included in Group B in this round. Along with the West Indies, Zimbabwe, Ireland and Scotland are also in this group. Out of these, the possibility of coming into the Super-12 continues to be considered by the West Indies more. That is, if West Indies becomes a B-1 team in Super-12, then there can be difficulties for teams like Pakistan and South Africa, including India.

In such a situation, if there is no major reversal in the qualifying round equation, then in the second group of Super-12 in ICC T20 World Cup 2022, along with India, Pakistan, South Africa, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and West Indies can be teams between them. The struggle for victory will be a tough one from Group 1.

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