T20 World Cup Rules: What will happen if it rains or there is a tie in the T20 World Cup match? Here is the ICC rules – T20 world cup 2022 what if rain interrupts match tie or no result icc rules for t20 world cup tspo

The T20 World Cup has started in Australia, the first match was played between Sri Lanka and Namibia on 16 October. With this, the war has started between 16 teams for the T20 World Cup trophy. Now everyone’s eyes are on who becomes the champion this time, now that the tournament has started, it is also important to know the rules related to it.

What happens if it rains in a World Cup match, or if a match is tied? The ICC has made different rules for the tournament, according to which things will move forward. The teams will proceed in their mission according to the point system in the first qualifying round and then the Super-12 stage.

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What does ICC rule say?
According to the point system, victory in a match in the tournament will get 2 points, while defeat will get zero points. If a match is tied, canceled or the result of the match does not come out, then 1 point will be divided between both the teams. There is no reserve day for the qualifying and Super-12 rounds, i.e. if the match is canceled then it will be considered as cancelled.

Reserve day is for which match?
The ICC has kept reserve days only for playoff matches. That is, there is a reserve day for both the semi-final and the final match. If it rains on the day of these matches or if the match does not take place due to any other reason, then the match will be held on the reserve day. However, the first attempt will be to get the match completed on the same day, even if the overs have to be reduced.

According to the circumstances, if there is no situation to bowl even five overs, then reserve day will be used. If the match starts on its own time and rain comes in between and the match cannot be started again, then on reserve day the match will proceed from where it stopped.

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