Taiwan has outright rejected Chinese President Xi Jinping’s pledge to take control of the island

Taipei: Taiwan has given a befitting reply to Chinese President Xi Jinping’s threats to use force. Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council said that the Chinese Communist Party’s policy regarding our country is wrong and does not offer any new thinking. The council said that Taiwan is a sovereign country. Taiwan has never been a part of China. The people of our country will never accept the consensus reached in 1992. The one country two system formula will never be implemented in Taiwan like in Hong Kong. The Council also said that our citizens have the right to decide the future of Taiwan. This statement of Taiwan is believed to irritate China even more. It is also being said that in view of the current circumstances, both the countries may soon come into a state of war.

Taiwan is never a part of China
The Mainland Affairs Council, Taiwan’s top government body responsible for China affairs, said that the Republic of China (Republic of China – Taiwan) is a sovereign country and Taiwan has never been part of the People’s Republic of China (China). The council further stated that the people of Taiwan would never accept the so-called 1992 consensus, nor would the one country, two systems formula be used. The 1992 consensus refers to a perceived tacit understanding between Taiwan’s former Kuomintang government and the Chinese Communist Party that both sides of the Taiwan Strait acknowledge that there is one China. In this, each side has its own interpretation of what China means.

Taiwan said – our citizens will decide the future
The Mainland Affairs Council said on Sunday that only 23 million people in Taiwan have the right to decide the future. We are here to send a warning to CCP officials to abandon the imposed political structure and acts of coercion and aggression. Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen’s spokesperson, Zhang Dunhan, also reaffirmed Taipei’s position and gave a befitting reply to Xi Jinping. He said Taiwan is a sovereign and independent country rooted in democracy and freedom. We have firmly rejected one country, two systems. Zhang said that we are ready to work with the Beijing authorities to maintain peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait under the principle of rationality, equality and mutual respect.

what did xi jinping say
Xi opened the inaugural session of the Chinese Communist Party Congress, vowing never to refuse to use force to take control of Taiwan. Xi Jinping at Beijing’s Great Hall of the People said, “Resolving the Taiwan issue is the Chinese people’s own issue and it is for the Chinese people to decide. We insist on the possibility of peaceful reunification with the greatest sincerity and our best efforts.” But we will never promise to reserve the option of abandoning the use of force and taking all necessary measures. It completely depends on the interference of outside forces. Some separatists are demanding independence of Taiwan.

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