Taliban Rule With Women : Afghanistan Woman Hangs Herself To Death To Escape From Taliban Death Punishment

Kabul : An Afghan woman hanged herself to escape the punishment of the Taliban. The woman was accused of eloping with a married man. He found it easy to hang himself in the face of the brutal and painful punishment of the Taliban and took his own life in fear. The mob was about to stone him to death a day later as part of the Taliban’s punishment. The name of the 24-year-old woman is being told as Salima. On October 10, she was caught by the Taliban with a married man after she fled her home in Ghor province in central Afghanistan.

Salima was sentenced to death for adultery and was to be stoned on Friday. According to the news, Salima was married and left the house with her lover. The name of her lover is being told as Sirajuddin, who was shot by the Taliban. On Thursday, just a day before his sentencing, Salima was found hanging from the noose. Rukhshana Media has given this information. The woman was buried the next day.

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shot while trying to escape
Salima was caught along with her lover by Taliban forces who were conducting a search operation. The Taliban claimed that both Salima and Sirajuddin were married and in a romantic relationship with each other. They had run away from their respective homes. Both were arrested by the Taliban. It is said that when Sirajuddin tried to escape, the Taliban shot him. A Taliban spokesman for the police chief of Ghor confirmed that Sirajuddin was killed by security forces.

Such a case had also come to the fore in 2015.
He claimed that the security forces tried to stop Sirajuddin from escaping at night but he was killed as it was too dark there. In 2015, a video of a married woman being stoned to death in a Taliban-controlled area in Afghanistan went viral. The woman was accused of eloping with her lover. In the video, a woman aged about 19 to 21 years was seen lying in a pit on which a group of around 15 men were pelting stones.

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