Taliban’s grip on Afghanistan loosening, top official shot dead

Kabul: A top Taliban commander has been brutally murdered in Afghanistan. This Taliban commander named Abdul Rahman Munawwar was responsible for the economy of Faryab province of Afghanistan. Local sources were quoted as saying that the Taliban commander was killed by unidentified armed men on his way home. The killers are yet to be traced, although Taliban fighters are conducting extensive raids in search of them. The killing of a Taliban state-level official is being considered a major incident. The ISIS or the local rebel group is being blamed behind this. It is also being claimed that the killing of such a senior official is raising a big question on the Taliban’s hold in Afghanistan.

Police of Islamic Emirate started investigation
According to the Khama Press report, the acting head of information and culture of Faryab province, Shamsullah Mohamed, confirmed the news of the murder and said that the incident took place in a village in Qaiser district of Faryab province. Shamsullah Mohamed said the Taliban’s head of economic affairs in the province, Abdul Rahman Munawwar, was killed by unidentified armed men while he was on his way home. The Taliban official also said that the perpetrators of the murder fled the scene. Now the Islamic Emirate has intensified its investigation and started looking for the killers.

Sleeper cell carried out the attack, no one took responsibility
Taliban fighters are searching for two unidentified armed men who killed Abdul Rehman Munawwar. Taliban security officials have said they do not yet understand the motive behind the killing and that no individual, group or organization has yet claimed responsibility. The crime rate has increased significantly since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan in August 2021. Even Taliban officials are not able to escape being the victims of the attacks.

Panjshir’s Resistance Force is also active against Taliban
Earlier in June, Afghanistan’s National Resistance Front (NRF) claimed that it had shot down a Taliban helicopter and captured four of their fighters in Panjshir province. According to Khama Press, communications director and NRF spokesman Sibgatullah Ahmadi had confirmed the news of the shooting down of a Taliban helicopter in the Arezu Valley of Panjshir province. Sibgatullah Ahmadi had reported on Twitter that brave forces of the National Resistance Front shot down a Taliban-held helicopter in Panjshir’s Arezoo Valley. went viral.

ISIS also intensifies attacks against Taliban
There has been a sudden increase in attacks since the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan. ISIS has carried out several major terrorist attacks in the capital Kabul in the last one year. Mosques, gurdwaras and Taliban offices have been targeted. Thousands of people have also died in these attacks. Despite this, the Taliban claim that ISIA is very weak in Afghanistan. However, Islamic State openly criticizes the Taliban.

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