Tata made this ‘fighter car’ in 1942, made ‘Allied’ power in World War-II – Tata first armored car tatanagar which become victorious for allied powers in second world war ii

How important the contribution of the country’s companies can be in making a ‘self-reliant India’, its hallmark is found in the history of Tata Group. There came a time for the Tata Group, which gave India from a steel plant to luxury hotels and airlines, when it became an Allied power in World War II. Facing a shortage of weapons and combat vehicles, the Allied countries had to look towards India. The Tata group also showed its ability here and its scientists used different experiments to create 110 varieties of steel, which contributed to crowning the Allied winner in World War II.

Let us first tell you here that what are allied countries and axis nations after all, so that the story is easier to understand further. So in World War II, all the countries of the world were fighting in two factions. In these, the faction formed under the leadership of Britain, America and Soviet Union was called ‘Allied Powers’. The other faction included Adolf Hitler’s Germany, Benito Mussolini’s Italy and Imperial Japan. These were called ‘Axis Powers’.

All the production of Tata started going to war

World War II started in the year 1939. Steps like ‘carpet bombing’ led by Adolf Hitler caused great devastation in Europe. As the frenzy of war increased, there was a shortage of weapons and other goods in Europe. Steel was then used extensively for defense. In such a situation, India, which was a part of the British Empire at that time, started looking towards it for steel production as well. The largest steel factory in India was at that time in Jamshedpur with the Tata Group and all the production of Tata Steel’s factory was used by Allied Powers during the Second World War.

Tatanagar earned a lot of name due to its strength (Photo : Tata)

Tata made 110 types of steel

In view of the needs of the Second World War, work was done at different levels in Tata Steel. Scientists of Tata Steel did extensive research during that time and during the 5 years of World War II, 110 types of steel varieties were prepared. Not only this, Tata then produced 1000 tons of armor plates (steel used in making armor) every month. For this, a factory was prepared separately in 1942. At the same time, in 1943, a benzol recovery plant was set up, in which toluene was prepared. Toluene was used to make explosives.

Then came the Tatanagar fighter car

By the end of 1941, World War II became worse. The Allied countries began to need more combat cars. Combat cars are the ones that are fully armored. Then the Tata group in collaboration with the Indian Railways developed a ‘fighter car’. The car was powered by a Ford V8 engine, which was provided by the Indian Railways. At the same time, the armor plates, axles and tires required for the fighter car were made by Tata Steel. Its official name was ‘Indian Pattern Carrier’, but it was prepared in Jamshedpur, hence it came to be known as ‘Tatanagar’.

The Tatanagar Fighter Car was used by the Allies against the Axis powers in the Mediterranean Sea, ie the areas of Africa. This Tata car received a lot of praise during the war, due to its anti-tank capability and transportation capability. This car was equipped with a Bren light machine gun and could carry 3 to 4 soldiers at a time. For the Allied countries, this war car proved to be important in the fight.

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