Tell us when we are attacking Ukraine, plan a holiday – Russian diplomat mocks US UK media by asking when is Russia upcoming invasion on Ukraine tlifw

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  • Russian ministry spokesperson taunts US and British media outlets
  • Said- tell us when will Russia attack Ukraine next, have to plan holidays
  • Media outlets asked to release schedule

Amidst Russia-Ukraine tensions, America and Western countries are constantly saying that Russia can attack Ukraine at any time. But Russia has denied attacking Ukraine. US intelligence agencies had claimed a few days ago that Russia would attack Ukraine on 16 February. Many American and Western newspapers are giving prominent place to this news. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has ridiculed American and British media outlets about this.

According to a report by the Russian news agency Tass, Maria has tauntedly asked American and British media outlets to release a schedule of Russia’s upcoming attacks on Ukraine for the year 2022. She has said that these outlets should tell when our next attack is going to happen, accordingly I am going to plan my holidays.

“I would like to request US and British disinformation media outlets – Bloomberg, The New York Times and The Sun – to publish a schedule of our upcoming attacks for this year,” the Russian diplomat said on her Telegram channel on Wednesday. I want to plan my holidays accordingly.

It was written in Tass’s report that Western countries are constantly saying that Russia can attack Ukraine. The media of these countries are also announcing the date of attack in enthusiasm. According to the Politico newspaper, US President Joe Biden had claimed that Russia could allegedly attack Ukraine on 16 February.

The Russian agency says that due to this continuous propaganda by Western media, the economic situation of Ukraine has deteriorated sharply. Foreign investment and business from Ukraine has ended. Due to this, energy prices in Europe are also increasing.

President’s office spokesman Dmitry Peskov dismissed the statements as escalating tensions and baseless, and said no one was under threat from Russia.

Actually, Russia has deployed close to one lakh 30 thousand soldiers on the border of Ukraine. America and Western countries believe that Russia can attack Ukraine at any time. Russia does not want Ukraine to become a member of NATO because it can prove to be a big threat to it. Russia has also talked to America and Western countries regarding this, but this demand of Russia has been rejected.

Here, amid rising tension, Russia has said that some of its troops are returning from the Ukraine border after finishing their military exercises. This announcement has raised hopes of reducing tension in the region. But America still says that Russia can attack Ukraine.

US President Joe Biden said in a televised message to the country that there is a possibility of a Russian attack on Ukraine. America is ready to give a decisive answer to such a move.

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