The actress left the luxurious life and started living in the hut, singing hymns in the temple – Nupur Alankar former tv actress Dance Video From Krishna Temple sanyas tmovb

As easy as it is to enter the glamor world, it is equally difficult to survive. There are many actresses of the industry who have retired after getting fame and wealth. A few months ago, TV actress Nupur Alankar also announced her retirement from the TV industry. Now Nupur has said goodbye to showbiz and is completely engaged in worshiping the Lord. A new video of the actress has surfaced, in which she is seen swinging in the temple.

Nupur immersed in devotion
Every day in Mayanagari Mumbai, many people take entry with the dream of becoming an actor-actress. Some of these dreams come true. And some are returned empty handed. It was very difficult for Nupur to set foot in the TV industry. But she went ahead with her hard work and dedication. For 27 years he worked on television. After so many years when Nupur made up her mind to leave showbiz, it came as a shock to everyone.

Nupur says that after the death of her mother, she has risen above the worldly attachment. He now has to spend the rest of his life by worshiping the Lord. A new video of Nupur has surfaced, in which she is seen dancing in the Krishna temple. In the video you can see that this view is of Krishna temple. Where the devotees are absorbed in Krishna devotion. Nupur is dancing along with the rest of the devotees with applause. Looks like she wants to make this moment memorable for a lifetime.

Nupur was seen sitting under the hut
Nupur Alankar had posted some pictures on Instagram before the video. In these photos, she is seen meditating sitting under the hut. Seeing Nupur, it is difficult to believe that she is the same Nupur, whom we used to see acting on TV till yesterday. Nupur Alankar has worked in many shows like Shaktimaan, Ghar Ki Laxmi Betiyan, Diya Aur Baati Hum and Raja Ji. Apart from TV, she has also worked in films. Nupur was also seen in movies like Sonali Cable, Saawariya.

Nupur ornaments absorbed in the worship of the Lord

According to a recent report published in ETimes, Nupur and her husband were not together as a couple for the last 3 years. Nupur and her husband were living separately for the last two and a half years. Sources said that things like love and equation between Nupur and her husband were over. At the same time, Nupur has said that she has not chosen the path of spirituality by being emotional. They have taken this decision thoughtfully. Now she often shares her spiritual journey with fans.

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