The biggest cyber attack on iPhone ever happened, you should also be alert, read full news

Apple iPhone Cyber ​​Attack: Cyber ​​criminals are not leaving anyone in the whole world. Recently, Apple iPhone has been attacked by the most dangerous app ever. Taking action on which Apple has banned the app. Let us tell you that this dangerous app is hacking the latest iPhone. Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) has published a research report on this spyware named ‘Hermit’ and said that it can hack all iOS devices. It was developed by the Italian software company RCS. As soon as it comes to the iPhone, it hacks it.

was infecting the iPhone like this

A report by The Sun reveals how this creepy spyware is accessing your iPhone or Android smartphone. Hermit is made available outside of Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store. Sideloading basically refers to media files that can be transferred to a smartphone via USB, Bluetooth, WiFi and similar methods. According to Google, in Android incidents, online attackers most likely disabled users’ mobile data connectivity first.

Cyber ​​Fraud
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An investigation conducted by Google into this spyware case revealed that the spyware took advantage of Apple’s enterprise certificate along with the iPhone. Originally, Hermit spyware was posing as a legitimate app to circumvent Apple’s requirements and infect iPhones.

Apple took this step

Apple has already announced its plan to put a complete stop to this spyware attack. It has decided to cancel all certification related to spyware. Which simply means that the malicious app holding this Hermit spyware will no longer be available outside of Apple’s App Store. It may not completely protect iPhone users from the threat of spyware, but it certainly reduces the potential for risk.

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What to do to stay safe?

To be safe, iPhone users should never click on unknown links or install apps from unknown sources and interact with others.
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