The driver found a gold necklace and valuables worth 1.5 lakh in the auto, you will be shocked to know what happened next

Auto driver showed honesty

An auto driver from Rajasthan is being praised all around. According to the information received, he has done such a thing which can be expected from few people. Indian auto rickshaw driver has set an example of honesty.

Was sitting in this auto driver’s auto carrying valuables

Let us tell that Kota railway station was sitting in the auto driver of this auto driver with his valuables. But when the person landed at his place, he did not pay attention to his bag. He got down without taking the bag and left the bag on the seat in the auto itself.

But he left all his belongings in the auto and went home.

After that when the driver reached his house, he showed the bag in his auto. Inside the bag he found a precious gold necklace. Auto driver Firoz Khan kept the gold necklace with him and immediately informed the Kota Auto Union.

The driver immediately informed the officials, it is being praised on social media

After which the owner of the necklace was given his necklace with the help of the officials. The owner of the bag told that she had a necklace worth 1.5 lakh along with valuables in the bag. After taking information from the auto driver, the gold necklace was handed over to the owner in the presence of all the people. Officials have said that in such an incident, the owner is found and the goods are handed over and if the owner is not traced, then the information is given to the police.

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