The driver’s son is the hero of the Chello Show going to the Oscars, the family was against acting, how did the village child get a role in the film? – India Oscar entry Chhello Show actor Bhavin Rabari opens up on struggles life hurdles tmovf

There is a tremendous discussion about the Gujarati film The Last Show (Chhelo Show), sent for the Oscars. The film is releasing on 14 October. Bhavin has played an important role in the film. Now remembering his difficult days, he has made some revelations about his personal life, knowing which you will also be surprised.

Bhavin is a fan of Amitabh-Tiger

Bhavin said- When I was in school, at that time four-five people came to my school. Coming to the class, we all asked who is your favorite hero. Only I replied Tiger Shroff and Amitabh Bachchan. Then took me upstairs and there were also three different people, they asked how the donkey, the monkey makes a sound. I took out all the voices and told them. They took my number and went on saying that don’t get your hair cut. A few days later, the principal’s call came to the house and said that we have to go to a resort. My father drives and mother stays at home, so no one went with me. We went there and stayed for two days then came back home. Then we got a call from casting director Jackie Bhai that I have to stay with him for three months. I went there with clothes and most friends went on the set. Earlier, I used to act on Tiktok as a child. Now he is banned, put him on the side, now follow me on Instagram.

Parents were not happy with acting

‘My parents were not happy. He had said that he should not go into it (acting). The name of our village is Vasai, 15 kilometers away from Jamnagar. There was an uncle, he explained to Papa-Mummy to send it. Papa-Mummy and Uncle all agreed. The family used to tell the mother whether you are sending the son to such a dirty place, but the mother would say, no one… I have two children, one is gone and the other is there. I will take it forward.

Bhavin further said- I am in class 8. When the shooting started, I was in fifth grade. I used to come first in school. It was second in the seventh, then the boys started speaking in the class, was going in the film, that’s why you got second place. After getting into acting, when I used to go to play cricket with my friends, other people used to come there and take pictures with me. My friends have started calling me a hero. I never got scared seeing the camera. I was not even acting by looking at the camera. I could not remember the script there, they used to explain us differently. Along with the script, a sister on the set used to get me to study in school. My English was not good but didi has taught English.

What did Bhavin say on Oscars?

Don’t know anything about Oscar but I have seen that statue, it is very beautiful. The film expert of our village said that this idol is the biggest reward. If it comes to us, then our village will become very bright. I said, hey village, do you want to illuminate the country?

On getting the first fee, I gave money to the family members. He said- buy whatever you want. So I took a cycle and I gave the rest of the money to my father. I want to act. I get calls from everywhere and for films, I have spoken everything to Jackie bhai, he will handle the work. I like Rashmika a lot. He likes Geeta Govindam very much. I would like to work with him.

‘I don’t like that and when I go to shoot, I start missing home. As soon as I come to Mumbai, I feel like going home. There is a lot of fun in the house, when it is a holiday, then all of us friends take food items from home and go to the field and river and return home in the evening.

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