The hacking of this Saudi woman’s iPhone created a stir in the whole world, NSO Group’s poll was uncovered – Saudi womans iPhone revealed hacking around the world ttec

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  • NSO Group makes spy software
  • Spying on many people through Pegasus

NSO Group’s spyware Pegasus was in the news a lot right now. Hundreds of people around the world were targeted using spy software from NSO Group. Now the trouble of NSO Group has increased. Legal action and investigation is being done on this in Washington.

Do you know how this spyware was detected?

Due to a flaw in spy software, a woman in Saudi Arabia came to know about this dangerous software. Saudi Arabian female activist Loujain al-Hathloul and privacy researcher found solid evidence that Israeli spyware had hacked her iPhone.

A photo was accidentally left in his phone by spyware. Last year, the government took action against the NSO group after investigating the phone calls of Loujain al-Hathloul and brought it to a standstill.

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Well known activist Al-Hathloul

Let us tell you that Al-Hathloul is a well-known activist from Saudi Arabia who campaigned to end the law that did not allow women to drive in Saudi Arabia. He was released from jail in February 2021.

After this he received a warning email from Google. In which it was told that hackers were trying to hack his Gmail account. Fearing that his iPhone was also hacked, he contacted Canadian privacy rights group Citizen Lab and asked them to check the device.

Citizen Lab’s researcher found out

According to the news agency Reuters, after checking iPhone records for 6 months, Citizen Lab researcher Bill Marczak told that there was a surveillance software in his device. It steals the message from the target’s device.

He told that the computer code that the attackers had left clearly indicates that NSO had created this tool. Marczak said it was a game changer. After this Apple found out about thousands of state back hacking victims.

According to the US official, the NSO Cyber ​​Weapon was also used to keep an eye on American diplomats. An NSO spokesperson did not say whether the software was used to target Al-Hathloul and other activists.

Target already done under Project Raven

This was not the first time that Al-Hathloul was targeted. According to the Reuters investigation, he was also targeted in the year 2017. He was targeted by the United Arab Emirates under the secret program Project Raven.

He was described as a threat to the nation and was jailed in Saudi Arabia for three years. He was released in February 2021 and refused to leave the country. According to the researcher of Citizen Lab, zero-click spyware was used in his iPhone. With this, even if the target does not click on a link, his device can still be affected.

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