The Japanese space agency destroyed an unmanned rocket carrying eight satellites seven minutes after takeoff

Tokyo: Japan’s space agency said a rocket carrying eight satellites had to be shot down shortly after its launch on Wednesday. For the first time in the country’s 20-year history of rocket launches, the failed mission resulted in a rocket destruction order. Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) President Hiroshi Yamakawa said in an online news conference that the Epsilon-6 rocket was not in the correct position to orbit around the Earth and was launched seven minutes after launch from the Uchinaura Space Center in the southern Japanese prefecture of Kagoshima. Shortly after, its flight had to be stopped.

Agency apologizes to Japanese people
Yamakawa said that we apologize for not meeting the expectations of the local authorities and those involved in the development of the satellites. He expressed his resolve to assist in the investigation into the cause of the flight failure. JAXA officials said that it had to be ordered to be destroyed after it was determined that the rocket was not capable of taking off safely and entering the designated orbit. JAXA said the rocket and satellite are believed to have fallen into the sea east of the Philippines. The agency said the reasons for the failure of the space mission were being investigated.

The rocket was also carrying the first commercial satellite
The Epsilon rocket was flying with eight satellites, two of which were developed by a private company based in Fukuoka. This was the first time that the Epsilon rocket was carrying a commercially developed satellite. Yashuhiro Uno, who directed the launch of Epsilon-6, acknowledged that the failure could affect Epsilon’s potential launch business in the future.

Japan will send a satellite of Vietnam into space
A commercial launch is being planned for a Vietnamese satellite next year under Epsilon-S, an improved version, by IHI Aerospace, a Japanese company. Uno said that our first and foremost mission is to investigate the cause and resolutely remedy.

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