The leader was with the wife, then the ‘girlfriend’ reached, then… – The leader was with the wife, then the girlfriend reached, then… Tsty

A few hours after the extra marital affair ended, the woman reached the ex-lover’s place to collect the goods. Premi was not an ordinary person but a well-known leader.

When the ex-girlfriend of the leader reached his house, his wife was also present with the leader. During this, there was a fierce fight between the three. It is alleged that in this fight, the girlfriend attacked the leader’s chest with a sharp object.

29-year-old girlfriend Daisa Garcia was accused of attacking 40-year-old Soulo Batista da Silva with a sharp object. Batista is a well-known Brazilian politician.

Garcia went to Batista’s flat to collect his belongings on 26 September, during which time his wife was also seen with Batista. At first there was an argument between Garcia and Batista, the altercation between the two escalated, turning into a fight.

The building staff had to come to intervene in the fight. After that he separated the three. But, these three clashed again. It is alleged that during this time Batista’s ex-girlfriend attacked his chest with something thrice.

girlfriend Daisa Garcia

Batista’s wife told that Garcia was following her husband, so she hid Batista in a room. The Brazilian politician injured in the attack was later taken to the hospital.

However, Batista has not given any clarification regarding this matter. But, he shared the photo on Instagram account. In this photo, he is seen sitting on a wheelchair in a medical gown.

According to the report, Garcia was told by Batista that he had come to join the campaign before next month’s election. Meanwhile, Garcia came to Batista’s flat, where he was present with his wife.

Garcia clarified the matter to the police officers and said that Batista and his wife pulled their hair. During this, something got in his hand, due to which he attacked Batista.

Garcia also showed the policemen the bruises on his hand. He claimed that these injury marks came during the fight. Police released Garcia without registering any case. But the investigation of the matter is on.

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