The legend reveals the possible reason for the end of Roman Reigns’ reign after 797 days in WWE

Vince Russo: Roman Reigns and Logan Paul will match for the Undisputed Universal Championship at WWE Crown Jewel 2022. WWE legend Vince Russo has given a big statement regarding this match. He says that Rance will not lose in this match. Rousseau also explained why Reigns could lose his title. By the way, this match will be very strong.

Huge reaction to WWE legend Roman Reigns

Logan Paul has fought only 2 matches in WWE so far. He had a match with The Miz at WrestleMania 38 with the Mysterio Family. The Miz was then defeated by Logan Paul at SummerSlam. Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling, Vince Russo said,

Roman Reigns did not lose for 2 years. You cannot bring an outsider to the top right away. I don’t think so at all. I am not Triple H, otherwise I would have asked myself questions. If Logan Paul wins, it clearly means that something is wrong between Roman Reigns and Triple H. Although I don’t think that will happen. If Roman demands anything more than Triple H, then it can happen. It could be because of backstage politics. Whatever the situation may be, I do not know about all these. His title run could end due to several factors.


Crown Jewel will be organized on 5th November. By then, Roman Reigns would have 797 days as Universal Champion and 216 days as WWE Champion. No one knows when Roman Reigns’ championship run will end. It will be interesting to see what WWE and Triple H have prepared for him. His championship run might not be over this year. WWE must have given some thought to this for next year.

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