The lioness sat holding the throat of the giraffe’s child, only then the mother would retaliate like this – watch the video

Sherni Aur Giraffe Ka VideoVideos related to wild animals are shared a lot on social media. In these, the different style of different animals is very much liked by the netizens. Animals like lions, tigers are seen hunting while animals like monkeys and bears are seen having fun. Now a video related to a lioness and a giraffe has surfaced, in which a different view is being seen. In the video you will see that the lioness attacked after finding the giraffe’s baby alone.Also Read – Bride Groom Video: On seeing the bride, the bridegroom screamed in the pavilion, the in-laws were dry – watch the video

giraffe saves baby

In this video of a few seconds, it will be seen that the giraffe’s baby in the forest was comfortably satiating its hunger, but then a lioness’s eyes fall on him and catches him. In no time the lioness starts biting his throat. The next moment the giraffe’s mother’s eyes fall on the lioness and she moves towards him in anger. Seeing the anger of the giraffe, the lioness immediately runs away from the spot. Also Read – A three-legged elephant walking with companions in the forest, the spirit is such that you will also appreciate it. Pics

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It seems that the mother giraffe must have killed the lioness by driving her away from the spot. This video related to wild animals has been uploaded to the Instagram account named animals_powers. As usual, netizens have flooded the video with comments.

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