the screen will be able to be stretched like a rubber; 13-inch PC will become a 17-inch display; Video

Samsung PC: One Dr. Choi in the program has During Intel’s Innovation Day event, Samsung showed off a prototype PC from Display that slides from a 13-inch tablet to a 17-inch display. Samsung display and chip maker Intel launched PC(PC) The world’s first 17-inch sliding display has been designed for The special thing about the display is that you can drag to enlarge it.

Samsung Smartphone: The screen will be able to be stretched like a rubber;  13-inch tab will be made of 17-inch display;  Video
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Samsung PC: Intel also showcased a range of new hardware, software and services at the event, aimed at helping its broad ecosystem of developers overcome challenges and deliver next-generation innovations .

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Samsung PC: The chip maker also introduced Unison, a new software solution that provides seamless connectivity between a phone (Android & OS) and a PC, including file transfers, text messages, phone calls Includes call and phone notifications. It will be available for new laptops later this year.

Watch the first glimpse of the Sliding PC smartphone in the video

Samsung PC: Dr. Choi at the event “We are announcing the world’s first 17-inch sliding display for PC. The device will also cater to various needs of larger screens and portability.” The device turns a 13-inch tablet into a 17-inch monitor with a flexible display and sliding mechanism. However, the companies have not yet announced when this sliding PC will be available in the market.

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