The shark had stuffed one leg in its mouth, the woman did a slew of kicks and punches! Life saved – woman fights with Lemon shark punch and kick on giant Shark head deadly Attack tstf

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A woman who went swimming in the sea was attacked by a dangerous shark (Shark Attack On Woman). The shark caught the woman’s leg in its jaw. But the woman showed great bravery and surprisingly managed to get rid of the shark. The woman herself has narrated this story, which everyone is stunned to hear. Let’s know the whole matter..

Actually, this incident happened in Florida, US. Where 42-year-old Heather West went for snorkelling in the sea with friends. According to the ‘Daily Mail’, but as soon as she went deep into the water, a six-foot lemon shark stuffed one of her legs into his jaw. She tried hard to escape, but could not succeed.

Fight sharks with punches!

In such a situation, Heather West started beating her hands and feet to save her life. His right leg was in the mouth of the shark. West says that he fought Shark repeatedly by punching him in the head and eventually broke free from his clutches.

Photo: Heather West

Heather West said- ‘When we went under the water, everything was fine, but after some time a strong movement started. I had a strange feeling that something was wrong. Then I had severe pain in one leg. In fact, he was attacked by a shark. When I looked back, it was really a shark. Immediately I started kicking him in the face. He also threw punches with his hands. I punched him repeatedly in the face, as hard as I could, and after about 30 seconds the shark finally left my leg.’

However, Heather West’s leg was badly injured in this attack. He is still taking rest on medical advice. For now, he is out of danger. This story of his is getting a lot of headlines.

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