The woman had a relationship with 2 men and gave birth to children, the reality of the relationship will surprise everyone


Sometimes people have a natural charisma that they find it hard to believe. Sometimes even science has no answer for these miracles. Recently a case has come to the fore which is unique to Portugal. A woman gave birth to two children on the same day. Surprised to learn that the father of the twins is different from everyone else. Within 24 hours, the girl had a relationship with two people.

The girl from Mineros had an affair with two men in the same day. After that, Ihila gave birth to twins from two different fathers. This has been confirmed by DNA test. The DNA test of that person was done. The woman said that he is the biological father of both the children. The results of the study were shocking to everyone. The father of only one of the two children is of the same sex as the mother.

After this the woman herself admitted that she too had a relationship with another man that day. The woman called the man and after his DNA test was completed, the result showed that the second child belonged to another man. The woman said that I was surprised by the result of the experiment. I was surprised to learn that children can be so similar.

Recently, the 20th case of having a relationship together has come to the fore. In this case, the girl says that she was in a relationship with two people simultaneously. Because of this, such a situation arose with them. He was surprised by the results of the experiment. In this case, the children were identified after eight months. At this age children are about one and a half years old. A birth certificate still only shows that the person is the father of both the children registered with them.

This is the twentieth case of its kind in the world. Such cases are called heteroparental superfetation in the language of medical science. According to reports, such a pregnancy can happen when two eggs of the same mother are fertilized by different males. He told that the pregnancy bill of the girl was normal. Both the children were born healthy.

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