This 20 year old girl has girlfriends of 3 rich people, getting so many lakhs – Older Man Younger Woman asha Chopra 3 Sugar Daddy Friendship Gift tsty

Asha Chopra is 20 years old, she has three rich ‘boyfriends’. All three are older than him. Asha also calls her boyfriends Sugar Daddy. She hails from the city of Sheffield, UK.

Because of having a relationship with three rich people, Asha’s monthly earnings are now in lakhs. Actually Asha meets all these rich boyfriends in turn. Asha says that she has truly fallen in love with one of these rich boyfriends. The age of this person is 29 years.

Asha Chopra constantly shares photos of gifts from rich boyfriends on social media. Asha says about the most special boyfriend, “I love it when I am with him. In fact, whenever I talk to him, I don’t feel like I am waiting for my turn, whose Later I will get the gift.

Earlier looked like a ‘normal girl’, changed every organ by undergoing surgery

He further said, ‘I have started noticing small things, like when he smiles, his sense of humor is exactly like mine. The way he looks at me, there is more to it than this.

At the age of 18, started the search for a rich boyfriend
According to the report of The Sun, Asha started looking for a rich boyfriend at the age of 18. For this, he also took the help of some websites.

She says that from the job she used to do earlier, her one day’s earnings were close to 8 thousand rupees. After this, he started talking to people on the phone, due to which he started getting more than 10 thousand rupees for talking for 10 minutes. It was only after this that Asha Chopra realized that she can earn by becoming a girlfriend.

Earning from 4 to 6 lakhs
Now Asha Chopra earns from 4 to 6 lakh rupees in a month from the relationship. This does not include gifts and other things. Recently, he received an iPhone 13 as a gift, as his phone was broken. At the same time, whatever beauty treatment she does, her money is also given by rich boyfriends. She is now going to get breast augmentation done soon.

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