This big actor had his heart on the line, insisted on taking a bath together in the bathroom and then

This big actor had his heart on the line, insisted on taking a bath together in the bathroom and then

Rekha is that person of Bollywood industry who does not need any recognition. Many fans continue to believe in her acting and dancing ability. Rebecca was talking about her personal and professional life at the same time.

She was often in discussion about her affairs. Do you know that a veteran actor asked Rekha to take a bath with him? Even he was already ready to do this in the bathroom. However, something went wrong which he did not expect.


Vinod Mehra is a well-known veteran actor of Bollywood. To what extent was the film ‘Ghar’ based on a true story? The makers of the film insisted on taking a bath with Rekha. However, his application was rejected.

The two groups did not agree on what to do. The actor then entered the bathroom in front of Rekha. He went and hid and sat down. Then Rekha also came to take a bath. He took off his clothes on the bench, closed his eyes so that he could not be seen.

Where Vinod Mehra was already present and was lying on the bench. Rebecca is shocked to see herself in the bathroom. Rekha asked Vinod Mehra to come out of the bathroom at the same time when he had entered it.,

After Rekha there is no one to compare with Vinod. The news of the affair also spread. According to reports, the two gradually became closer to each other. The two became so close that they decided to get married.

They married in Kolkata. Later Vinod Mehra reached his house with his newly wed bride Rekha. Seeing both of them angry, his mother got angry. He does not approve of the line.


Not only is he said to have written the line, but it is also said that he is an accomplished writer. But he also raised his hand. The line that immediately left was the best choice. After that both of them never accepted this relationship. At present, the marriage of both is confirmed. Looking at Rekha’s condition, she is still single.

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