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Shocking news has come out from a college in America. Birth control pills will be distributed to girl students at Barnard Girls College in New York. According to the college administration, this facility will be started from next year. The college’s move was in line with the US Supreme Court’s famous Roe v. In the Wade case, the reaction of the court’s decision overturned after 50 years is being told.

Indeed, Roe v. In the Wade case, the US Supreme Court, overturning a 50-year-old decision, said that abortion is not as a right in American tradition and the Constitution. Many states have opposed this decision on abortion.

Barnard College Dean Leisley Greenage and Barnard’s Chief Health Officer Marina Catolozzi said in this case that a new framework has been implemented keeping in mind the health services and reproductive healthcare of all students at Barnard College.

Barnard College Dean Leslie Greenage and Barnard’s Chief Health Officer Marina Catolozzi further said that Barnard is in New York, where abortion is not banned, but that does not mean that the college will not be ready for all this.

Let us tell you that the US Food and Drug Administration only last year relaxed restrictions on decades-old drugs used in the early stages of abortion, so that it is easier to reach the people.

Abortion stopped in many states after Supreme Court’s decision
Ever since the Supreme Court in Roe v. In the Wade case, a new verdict has been given, reversing the old verdict. Since then many US states have started to ban abortions. However, Barnard College, some schools and some institutions are trying to make abortion easier.

From January 2023, similar drugs for abortion will be accessible to girl students on the University of California and California State University campuses as well. At the same time, some companies have also publicly announced that if any of their employees has to go out of the state for an abortion, then the company will also bear the cost of traveling.

Controversy over reversal of Supreme Court’s decision
American women are also protesting by taking to the streets in many areas regarding abortion. Recently, in the capital Washington DC, a crowd of hundreds of people raised slogans against it. Not only in the capital but also in other big cities, thousands of people took to the streets and demonstrated.

Emily Bobal, 18, who joined the demonstration, said that it is very strange that we have to do this in the year 2022. Emily feared the court’s next target could be same-sex marriages. At the same time, 70-year-old Kimberly Allen also joined the performance. He said that most of us are ready to fight for democracy.

Abortion closed in US clinics after Supreme Court decision
While there is anger and displeasure among the people regarding the new decision of the Supreme Court regarding abortion in America, on the other hand, abortion is not being done in hospitals and medical clinics. According to the English newspaper The Guardian, the effect of the Supreme Court’s decision was such that 60 clinics in 15 US states have stopped the service of abortion.

Let us tell you that this claim has been made in a new study by the Guttmacher Institute of America. The study found that earlier there were 79 clinics in 15 states of America, in which abortion was provided. But after the changes being made after the decision of the Supreme Court, the number of clinics in which abortion can be done has come down to 13.

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