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New Delhi: A new report claims that on November 1, Apple will declare the iPhone 5c obsolete, ending all repairs and services. Apple classified the iPhone 5c as a vintage product in October 2020. Along with the iPhone 5s, the iPhone 5c was introduced in 2013 in blue, green, pink, yellow and white colors. The iPhone 5c was launched on a tight budget keeping in mind the consumers.

The iPhone 6 Plus was recently added by business to the list of iPhones now universally considered “vintage”. Along with the iPhone 6, Apple released the iPhone 6 Plus in September 2014. When it introduced the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus series of devices in September 2016, the business shut down after nearly two years.

The iPhone 6 is still not listed on Apple’s list of vintage or obsolete products, however, the company continued to sell it to interested customers.

Apple has updated its list of antiques and fourth-generation iPads to include those it deemed obsolete globally. Apple introduced its fourth generation iPad in 2012. According to a MacRumours source, the fourth generation iPad was officially designated as obsolete in November 2021. But until now, the business had not informed the public.

The list of antique and vintage products that Apple adds regularly includes items such as iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, Macs, and iPods. Each of these lists has different requirements that must be met for a particular gadget to be eligible for inclusion.

According to Apple, things are considered “vintage” if Apple stopped offering them for sale more than five years ago and less than seven years ago. The firm, on the other hand, sees the products as “obsolete” after Apple stopped selling them more than 7 years ago. No matter when they were acquired, Monster-branded Beats products are considered outdated, according to the manufacturer.

Hardware services are available for older products. Hardware support is not available for obsolete products.

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