This leader himself made his bedroom video viral, creating a ruckus – political leader Releases Own intimate Tape to Break From the Pack private video viral tlifwn

At one time, where porn videos of ministers were leaked, their entire career used to be ruined. At the same time, now the time has come where ministers themselves are publishing their private videos on social media to get the attention of the people. Recently a similar case has come to the fore in Manhattan, New York.

Mike Itkis, a third party candidate for the New York Congressional seat, recently released a sex tape of his own to highlight his ‘sex positive’ campaign platform. During elections, candidates of political parties often do many things to humiliate other candidates in the eyes of the voters and woo the voters.

Mike Itkis has also done something similar. 53-year-old Army Cyber ‚Äč‚ÄčOperations Officer Mike Itkis is contesting against Representative Jerry Nadler and has released this video of himself to legalize sex work.

Mike has released his 13-minute private video on adult sites. This video is from the year 2021 in which Mike is seen getting intimate with an adult actress and model Nicole Sage.

Sharing this 13-minute video, Mike said that he did this in support of legalizing sex work, which is one of the three main issues of his campaign, while his other two issues are cybersecurity and ending the war in Ukraine. Itkis described himself as ‘very generous’, following a news outlet.

On its campaign website, Itkis stated that it is in support of sexual rights and strongly opposes the idea that sex can only happen between husband and wife.

Some of the key issues in Mike Itskis’ campaign include legalizing sex work, abolishing adult law, protecting privacy rights and the right to unplanned sex.

Itkis is one of the three candidates who will appear in the general ballot next month. He is contesting against Nadler and Republican candidate Mike Zumbluskas. Speaking to City & State, Zumbluskas said he understands Itkis’ decision to release his own sex tapes all too well.

On Mike’s sex tape, Zumbluskas said, “You do what you have to do, the media ignores everyone who isn’t a Democrat in town.” This bold move of Mike has been condemned by his rival candidates. On the Internet too, Mike is being trolled fiercely for this. People say that this is the first time that a candidate has released a sex video of himself to win the election.

The talk of ending the war in Ukraine has also been included in his platform.

Itkis’ campaign website describes him as an atheist. The website states that he is neither married nor has any children.

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