This stormy batsman has hit the most sixes in the history of T20 World Cup, know the top five batters

This stormy batsman has hit most sixes in the history of T20 World CupAt present, preparations are in full swing to host the T20 World Cup to be held in Australia in 2022. The event, to be held from October 16 to 18, will be held with great fanfare. However, the thrill in the World Cup will start from October 22 when the Super-12 matches begin.

The great India-Pakistan match is to be held on 23 October. Many records have been made since the T20 World Cup that started in 2007.

Chris Gayle’s bat has spoken fiercely in the history of T20 World Cup. He has hit 63 sixes in 31 innings. However, this time Gayle is not a part of the Windies team in the World Cup.

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At the same time, Team India’s Sixer King Yuvraj Singh is at number two in this list. Yuvraj Singh hit 33 sixes in 28 innings of T20 World Cup.

Five batsmen with most sixes in T20 World Cup

1. Chris Gayle – 31 Innings 965 Runs, 63 Sixes
2. Yuvraj Singh – 28 Innings 593 Runs, 33 Sixes
3. Shane Watson – 22 Innings 537 Runs, 31 Sixes
4. Rohit Sharma – 30 Innings 847 Runs, 31 Sixes
5. David Warner – 30 Innings 762 Runs, 31 Sixes

Rohit Sharma also included in top-5

There are two Indian batsmen in the list of five who hit the most sixes during the T20 World Cup. Out of 33 sixes by Yuvraj Singh, two are in the second position, while 31 sixes by Rohit Sharma are in the fourth position.

The first T20 World Cup was played in 2007

The first T20 World Cup was played in 2007. Till now T20 World Cup has been organized a total of seven times.

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