TKSS: What did Kapil Sharma do on Karwa Chauth that made ‘wife’ faint, worship plate fell down, comedian’s senses flew away – kapil sharma onscreen wife fainted Karwa Chauth pooja flirt with girlfriend gazal tmovh

Kapil Sharma’s bat is the bat on Karva Chauth. Kapil Sharma is so dear that not one but two ladies have kept a fast for him. Not only Kapil’s wife but his girlfriend also kept fast on Karva Chauth. At the time of worship, Kapil got stuck between the two. It happened that the comedian’s wife fainted.

Wife or girlfriend, who will Kapil choose?
Before you are shocked, it is important to tell that we are not talking about Kapil’s real wife, but onscreen wife. You must have seen the lovely photos with wife Ginni Chatrath on Kapil’s Karva Chauth. This beautiful pair of both should not be noticed by anyone. Everything is going well in his real life. But our poor Kappu Sharma is trapped. He was seen struggling during the Karva Chauth aarti between his wife Bindu and girlfriend Ghazal. A new promo of the comedy show The Kapil Sharma has surfaced, in which you will be left laughing after seeing Kappu’s condition.

Why did Sumona faint?
In this you can see Bindu (Sumona Chakraborty) and Ghazal (Srishti Rode) doing the aarti of Kappu Sharma after the moon rises. Kapil is standing between the two, sometimes becoming the moon of wife and sometimes of girlfriend. Sometimes he used to stand near Bindu and sometimes near Ghazal. In anger, Kappu also says – Where should I look. Meanwhile, Bindu calls Kapil but Kapil goes to Ghazal… then suddenly something like this happens that everyone is shocked. Bindu suddenly faints, her Karva Chauth puja plate falls down. Seeing his wife unconscious like this, Kapil’s senses also fly away. What twist will come next in the story, you will know in the upcoming weekend. Who will Kappu choose in Bindu and Ghazal, wait a little more to know.

This promo of Kapil Sharma show is very funny. In the Karvachauth special episode, Kapil was wearing a handsome dude in a traditional look. Sumona looked stunning adorned in a red sari. On the other hand, the praise of Srishti Rode in the pink suit is less. Fans are showing a lot of excitement to watch this episode. You think that if the promo is so bang, then how strong will the show be, right?

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