To capture Kherson, the Ukrainian army applied the thrust of the heel, bombed and targeted major places

AgencyPublish Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2022 02:20 AM (IST)Updated Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2022 05:08 AM (IST)

Kyiv, AP: Tensions are increasing continuously due to the war between Russia and Ukraine. On Friday, the Ukrainian army bombarded Russian posts in Kherson. During this, the Ukrainian army targeted major supply routes. Russia is constantly trying to maintain its hold on Kherson. The city remains a prime target for both Russia and Ukraine. Here are Ukraine’s major industrial, river and sea ports. Russia is constantly engaged in efforts to fortify Kherson.

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River playing a major role in the war

According to the general staff of the Ukrainian army, the Kremlin has put in more than 2,000 drafts to strengthen its hold in the Kherson region. Russia has taken this step to compensate for its losses in the war and to give a strong position to the front-line units. The Dnieper River comes to prominence in the war between Russia and Ukraine because it performs important functions. Food supply through the river, crossings for soldiers and civilians; River water is used for drinking water and electricity generation from hydroelectric power stations in southern Ukraine. Much of the river, including power stations and water supplies to Crimea, is under Russian control.

4 killed 13 injured in shelling

Two journalists working for a local TV station were killed in a shelling by Ukraine on the Dnieper river crossing, according to officials posted by the Kremlin in Kherson. It is also being told that two other people have also died and 13 have been injured in the shelling.

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