Top 10 Diwali picks: This Diwali, you can bet in these 10 stocks, predict big earning! – ICICIdirect 10 top Diwali picks Stocks Axis Bank Eicher Motors and Apollo Tires in list tutc

The business of the stock market is very volatile. It cannot be said when which stock will give bumper earnings to the people here. But, guesses can certainly be made. ICICI Direct has prepared a great list of 10 such stocks, which can make you rich this Diwali. These include Axis Bank and Eicher Motors among other names.

Brilliant performance amidst ups and downs
According to Business Today, brokerage firm ICICIdirect has said in a note that domestic stocks have outperformed relatively in the last one year despite the huge volatility in the stock markets globally. Even though there may be geo-political situation and high level of inflation, there are some stocks which are benefitting their investors. The brokerage has expressed hope that in the next two years too, these stocks can prove to be a 15% increase in earnings.

These names have been included in the list
ICICIdirect has prepared a list of 10 such stocks for this Diwali, in which investment can prove to be a profitable deal. The list includes Axis Bank, City Union Bank, Apollo Tires, Eicher Motors, Co-Forge, Lemon Tree Hotels, Healthcare. Stocks of Global Enterprises, Laurus Labs, Container Corp and Havells India are included. Let’s know what is their target price according to experts …

Axis Bank
Axis Bank is focusing more on the retail segment, which has a share of about 60 per cent. Talking about the buying range for this bank, it is Rs 780 to Rs 815. At the same time, the brokerage has set a target price of Rs 970 for this. It has been said for this stock that in the financial year 22-24, it can give returns of up to 15 percent.

City Union Bank
ICICI Direct has placed the share of City Union Bank at number two in the Diwali Favorite List. The business of the bank is expected to grow in FY 22-24 with a CRAR of 20.5 per cent (Tier-I 19.4%). The brokerage has fixed a target price of Rs 215 for this. Its boring range is Rs 170-185.

Apollo Tires/Eicher Motors
The name of Apollo Tires and Eicher Motors comes on the third and fourth number respectively in the list. While the target price for Apollo Tires shares with a buying range of Rs 260-275 has been fixed at Rs 335, on the other hand, the range for Eicher Motors is Rs 3,400-3,450 and the target price has been fixed at Rs 4,170.

Coforge/Lemon Tree Hotels
The next name in the list of ICICI Direct comes Co-forge, the buying range of its shares has been given between 3,520 to 3,680 and the target price for this has been set at Rs 4,375. Apart from this, buying the shares of Lemon Tree Hotels will be a profitable deal if the buying range is Rs 78-88. The target price for the shares of Lemon Tree has been fixed at Rs 110 till the year 2024.

Adani Enterprises

Adani You can also bet on the shares of Enterprises. The buying range of this stock is Rs 3200 to Rs 3225. IIFL Securities has set the target price of this share at Rs 3300.

Tata Motors

Apart from this, according to IIFL Securities, Tata Motors can be bought at the current price. At present, the shares of Tata Motors are trading at Rs 402.10 today and a gain of 0.78 percent is being seen. The target price of this stock has been set from Rs 410 to Rs 415.

This name is also included in the list

Name buying price target price
Healthcare Global Enterprises Rs 285-305 Rs 345
Laurus Labs Rs 485-510 675 rupees
Container Corp Rs 685-715 Rs 890
Havells India Rs 1,220-1,320 Rs 1,650

(Note: Before investing in the stock market, take the help of a financial advisor)

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