Torchlight: Infinite Open Beta launched, the game will run on PC as well as mobile

Fans of Torchlight series have been waiting for the next title of the game for a long time. Now good news has come for these gamers. Torchlight Infinite’s open beta has started and players can install it on PC as well as mobile devices. The game is available for download on the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, TapTap App, Windows, Steam and Arc platforms. Also Read – Torchlight Infinite mobile game will also be available on Android, register like this on Google Play

Game developer XD Inc launched the trailer for Torchlight Infinite at the TapTap Presents conference as well as announced its open beta release schedule. The pre-registrations for the game already started long back on iOS and in August this year the registrations for Android devices also went live. The game developer had revealed that the open beta version of Torchlight Infinite will be released in October this year and has now gone live for mobile and PC platforms. Also Read – Torchlight Infinite: New Torchlight Game Coming to Mobile, Pre-Orders Started

What’s special in the mobile version of Torchlight

Torchlight Infinite is an ARPG mobile game based in the apocalyptic era of the original Torchlight game. Its story takes place 200 years after the event of Torchlight II. Here players have to “find the light in the darkness”, that is, fight against the dark power.

XD Inc. will also introduce a new hero, Oracle Thea, in this mobile game. Including this, there will be 6 characters in the game, out of which players will get a chance to select one. Each hero will have three traits and there will also be a talent system. The special thing here is that there will be no daily quest or stamina system in this game. Players can collect loot and trade gear in the in-game marketplace here.

The game developer says it will continue to introduce new seasonal content and new heroes to Torchlight Infinite. At present, big studios are shifting their focus towards mobile gaming. Currently, the pre-registrations of League of Legends: Wild Rift are also live on the Google Play Store.

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