Toyota starts selling HyBrid. All the details of a strong vehicle giving a mileage of 30 in the price of Maruti

Toyota Kirloskar Motor has started the deliveries of its first mid-size SUV, the Toyota Urban Cruiser HyRyder. The delivery of this company has started in the festive season just before Diwali. The company showed its glimpse in July and revealed its price only last month.

Save up to 40% less on petrol

The biggest feature of the Toyota Urban Cruiser Highrider is the savings in the cost of petrol. This SUV has Toyota’s hybrid car technology. In this way, this car runs on a combination of both petrol engine and electric motor. To power the electric motor, the electric battery in it does not have to be charged separately. Rather it charges itself. You can drive this car in either drive mode and electric vehicle mode. With this, the mileage of the vehicle is available up to 28-30 on Higway.

This SUV is powered by a 1.5-litre K-series engine. With this engine, Maruti Suzuki India has introduced its Grand Vitara, which is the technical sister car of the Toyota Urban Cruiser HyRyder. Self-charging electric motor is provided with the K-series engine. Therefore, when this car runs on hybrid mode, it generates power of 85kW. In such a situation, this SUV consumes 40% less petrol than the common SUV. The company says that this hybrid technology was till now only available in luxury vehicles like Camry, for the first time it has introduced it in a mid-size SUV segment, which comes with 2×2 and 4×4 wheel drive.

Price is Rs 10.48 lakh

Toyota Urban Cruiser HyRyder price starts from Rs. 10.48 Lakh. It is slightly more expensive than the Maruti Grand Vitara. The car comes with mild hybrid and strong hybrid powertrains. Both the Hyrider and the Grand Vitara are being manufactured at Toyota’s Bidadi plant. The maximum price of the Urban Cruiser HyRyder goes up to Rs.18.99 lakh.

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