Trolled because of wife’s ‘beauty’, husband gave a befitting reply! – Husband cruelly trolled people said he is too ugly for his beautiful wife tstsb

Due to the beauty of the wife, a person is on the target of people on social media. People troll him badly. Calls her ‘ugly’ and is seen praising the ‘beauty’ of the wife.

This person’s name is Scott. He hails from the city of Houston in the US state of Texas. He married Divine of the Philippines five years ago and the two have been together ever since.

Scott and Devine met on Facebook in the year 2017. After chatting continuously for some time, both of them decided to start a long distance relationship. Scott went to the Philippines to meet Devine for the first time in November 2017.

After continuing a long-distance relationship for 4 years, Divine shifted to America. Then both got married. In the year 2021, the couple started sharing videos related to the relationship on Tiktok. People reacted strangely to this.

A lot of people think that Devine is with Scott because of the money. Some also believe that Divine is with Scott for the ‘Green Card’. In a conversation with Truly, Scott said- My life was very boring before meeting Divine.

Scott told that he is suffering from a chronic autoimmune disease called Scleroderma. From the age of 13, this disease started affecting him. Because of this, his look also changed. But it is being claimed that his look will not be bad anymore.

But, even after hearing so many criticisms on social media, Scott said that trolls have no effect on him. He said- Because if you see the same thing again and again, it stops having an effect on you. We are just two ordinary human beings.

Devine said that it hurts to read those comments. They are both married and happy. One person wrote on a video – I do not trust your wife’s loyalty. Another wrote – The girl is using you. The third asked- Where is the wedding ring of the wife?

However, despite so many negative comments, some people were also seen in support of the couple. One user wrote – You are both classy! Wonderful couple.

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