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The serial ‘Kyunki… Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’ introduced all of us to many great actors. The audience still loves the actors of this serial Ashlesha Sawant and Sandeep Baswana. Ashlesha played the character of Tisha Mehta Deerani in the show. So Sandeep was seen in the role of Sahil Virani. But do you know that the couple is still together today?

been together for 20 years

Ashlesha Sawant and Sahil Baswana are together for the last 20 years. Both are living in live in relationship for 20 years. Sandeep told in an interview that even though both of them are not officially married, but their relationship is similar to marriage. He said that both had come close to each other while working together. Both are from the same profession, so they understand each other’s work.

Sandeep said, ‘Our relationship is like marriage. We just don’t play drums. We are very spiritual people. We know that we have come to this world for a short time. The more time passes with love, the better. We had a promise to each other that as long as we have love, we will be together. And when there is no love, we will not harm each other’s life. This is our thought. Till now our love remains intact. Will see whether we will marry in future or not.

No plan for kids

Sandeep Baswana says that it is not that he is against marriage. They believe that two people should be together as long as they are in love. If love ends in them then they should leave each other’s side. When Sandeep was asked what is his plan regarding family planning and children, he said that there are many children in the world. He said that the population of the world is increasing, someone has to think about it.

He says, ‘At the moment it seems to me that the population is very high. If ever there is a voice from inside, we children will do it, but at the moment I think the population is very high. Some people should think that if they want children, then adopt them, do not do it yourself. All the flora and fauna are decreasing. So some conscious people should think that because we should have children, do not do children by thinking so much. If the children do it, you are seeing that unemployment is so high. There are poor countries, people do not have food and drink.

where did you first meet

Sandeep Baswana told when and where he had his first meeting with his lady love Ashlesha Sawant. He says, ‘Ashlesha and I met during the Kamal serial. Later her entry was in Kyunki… Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. We already liked each other. We get liking only while working in the serial. We have the same schedule. We work together for 18-20 hours. So liking each other becomes inevitable.’

Sandeep Baswana was last seen in the serial Vish Ya Amrit: Sitara. He has recently directed the comedy film Haryana. On the other hand, Ashlesha Sawant was seen in the serial Anupama. She appeared in the role of Barkha Kapadia in this show. Ashlesha has played an important role in partner Sandeep’s film Haryana.

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