Ukraine Crisis EU Chief Warns Russia Says If Ukraine Is Attacked Then… | Ukraine Crisis: EU chief warns Russia, says

Munich: European Union (EU) chief Ursula von der Leyen warned on Saturday that Russia’s future prosperity could be at risk if it attacks Ukraine. He said the EU vowed to bring a “strong package” of financial and economic sanctions against Moscow in the event of any aggression.

The EU chief said, “Russia may have to pay the price for a prosperous future.” He accused Russia of trying to “rewrite the rules of the international order”.

The EU chief accused Russia of wanting, like China, to “change existing international rules – they prefer the rule of the most powerful to the rule of law, intimidation rather than self-determination.”

The eyes of the world are on the Russia-Ukraine border
Russia has gathered about one lakh soldiers near the border of Ukraine. Apart from this, it is also sending warships to the Black Sea for naval exercises, which has increased the fear among NATO countries that Russia may attack Ukraine.

US President Joe Biden has also expressed the possibility of a Russian attack on Ukraine several times. On Friday, Joe Biden once again said he was sure and had reason to believe that Russian forces would attack Ukraine, including the capital Kiev, in the coming week. At the same time, he warned that Russia would be responsible for a “devastating and unnecessary war” if it attacked. However, Russia has denied any plans to attack Ukraine.

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