Ukraine is winning the war on social media like this

  • Paul Adam
  • BBC correspondent, from Kiev (Ukraine)

Screenshot of Ukraine's social media campaign

image source, Defense of Ukraine

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Ukraine urges France to send more guns in a comically romantic video

Eight months later, the Ukraine war still hasn’t yielded results. Ukraine is succeeding in retaliatory strikes, while on other fronts Russian forces are maintaining their dominance. But this war on the Internet seems to be completely one-sided.

“This country belongs to meme makers. If it was a war of memes, we would have won,” says Olena, a Kiev-based entrepreneur leading a team of social media volunteers.

Olenna is not his real name. Olena and her team do very sensitive work for the Ukrainian military and for this reason they urged to hide their identity.

His team works round the clock, he issues a response within an hour to the news received from any part of the country. He creates impactful videos with music for readers and viewers within and outside the ministry’s country.

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