Ukraine President Calls On Russia President Vladimir Putin To Meet As Tensions Soar

Ukraine Offers Russia To Talk: Amidst Ukraine-Russia tensions, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Saturday proposed a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin to resolve the crisis. “I don’t know what the President of Russia wants,” Zelensky told the Munich Security Conference. Therefore, I offer him a meeting.” Zelensky said that Russia can choose a place for talks. Ukraine’s president said, “Ukraine will only follow the path of diplomacy for a peaceful resolution of the crisis.” However, there was no immediate reaction from Russia on Zelensky’s proposal.

Ukraine’s top military officer in the grip of shelling
Ukraine’s top military officials were hit by shelling during a tour of the conflict front in eastern Ukraine. The officers took shelter in a bombproof shelter set up in the area to escape the shelling. A journalist from the news agency Associated Press gave this information. Earlier on Saturday, it ordered a full military mobilization in eastern Ukraine, saying Russia could use the conflict as a pretext for attack.

Ukraine calls Russia’s claim “a fake statement”
Ukraine and the two regions occupied by Russian-backed rebels accused each other of escalating tensions. Russia said on Saturday that at least two shells fired from government-held parts of eastern Ukraine fell across the border. However, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba dismissed the claim, calling it “a fake statement”. At the same time, the Ukrainian military said that a soldier was killed in shelling in the government-held part of the Donetsk region in the early hours of Saturday.

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