Ukraine Russia Attack Latest News: Ukrainian Forces Fire Mortars On Luhansk People’s Republic Claim Russia White House Warn Russian Invasion

There seems to be a new twist in the ongoing tension between Russia and Ukraine (Russia Ukraine Conflict). Russian media have claimed that the Ukrainian military has carried out grenade and mortar attacks on rebels in eastern Ukraine, in violation of the agreements. These rebels are believed to be pro-Russian. On the other hand, the White House, the US President’s Office, has warned that Russia can attack Ukraine at any time.

According to Russia’s Sputnik news website, the Ukrainian army attacked four places with mortar shells and grenades on Thursday in the self-declared Lugansk People’s Republic located in the eastern region of the country. An official of this purported republic said, ‘Ukraine’s military has violated the ceasefire and used weapons in violation of the Minsk Agreement. The deal, signed in February 2015, led to a ceasefire between pro-Russian rebel groups and the Ukrainian government. Under this, an agreement was reached on the withdrawal of the army, the beginning of economic relations, constitutional reforms in Ukraine, etc.
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Russia can attack Ukraine anytime
If this claim of the Russian media is true, then the already ongoing tension between the two countries may flare up. Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin insisted that the Minsk Agreement was the only possible solution to the end of the dispute in eastern Ukraine. Russian media claim that Ukraine does not want to complete the deal. Putin says Ukraine is withdrawing from talks to resolve the dispute. In view of this, NATO is depositing weapons near the Russian border. Meanwhile, the US President’s Office has warned that Russia can attack Ukraine at any time.

President Joe Biden has asked Vice President Kamala Harris and Secretary of State to attend a conference in Munich to unite world leaders against Russia. White House press secretary Jan Pasky feared that this Russian attack could happen at any time. “We have reached a point where we believe an attack can happen at any time,” Pasky said. Russia can do this attack against Ukraine by making an excuse. He said that Russia had attacked in the past as well. This includes provocation in the Donbas area, action on the basis of false reports of the state media.
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Russia deploys at least 7,000 more forces
A White House spokeswoman said everyone should keep their eyes open and be alert to fake videos and the use of chemical weapons. Earlier on Wednesday, Ukraine displayed national unity by waving a flag amid mounting pressure from Russia, while the US said Russia deployed at least 7,000 more forces in the region contrary to its announcement of a withdrawal of forces from the Ukrainian border. Is. The threat of a Russian attack on Ukraine has not yet turned into reality, but the US and its allies say the fear remains high.

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According to Western estimates, Russia has deployed more than 150,000 forces in Ukraine’s east, north and south. Russian President Vladimir Putin has signaled he wants a peaceful solution to the crisis, and US President Joe Biden has promised the US will give “every chance” of a diplomatic solution to the crisis, but reports of deployment of more forces This has raised doubts about Moscow’s intentions. Earlier on Wednesday, Russia said it was bringing more troops and weapons back to military bases.

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