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Moscow. Tension between Russia and Ukraine is increasing continuously. Despite the intervention and efforts of many countries, the threat of war has not diminished. Inputs are being received that Russia has increased the army on the Ukraine border. The claims were for return, but the situation on the ground looks different. Know the updates of the ongoing confrontation between Russia and Ukraine…

Russia has deployed seven thousand more soldiers on the Ukraine border. This claim has been made by US Defense Secretary Antony Blinken. Russia has definitely talked about the withdrawal of troops, but they seem to be going towards the border in reverse. There is no chance of a pullback as of now.

Satellite images from the American space firm Maxar Technologies have also made it clear that Russia is not in a mood to sit still. In the pictures that have emerged, it can be seen that Russia is building a temporary bridge, combat helicopters are visible and armored vehicles and artillery are kept in the Brestsky training area.

Both countries have accused each other of the attack. Ukraine says on Thursday Russian-backed separatists opened fire on a school in a village in its Donbass region. Three people are reported to have been injured in this attack. At the same time, Russian media quoted separatist leader Leonid Pasechnik as accusing the Ukrainian Armed Forces of attacking civilians in the Luhansk region.

US President Joe Biden has also expressed the possibility of war between the two countries. Russia has spoken of the withdrawal of its troops from the Ukraine border, but America still does not trust it. In his White House address on Wednesday, Biden said – We cannot trust Russia’s promises and claims for the time being. There was also a meeting in the United Nations Security Council yesterday regarding Ukraine tensions. In this meeting, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken accused Russia of continuing aggressive activities. Blinken said- ‘US intelligence has strong information that Russia will attack Ukraine. If it is not so, then Moscow should announce it.

Russia has expelled American diplomat Bart Gorman from the Moscow embassy. Calling it a provocative move, a US official made it clear that the American is not going to back down in any case. He said- ‘This is clearly a step to increase tension. Diplomatic solutions cannot be found using these methods.

Meanwhile, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko, considered Europe’s last ‘dictator’, will meet President Vladimir Putin in Russia’s capital Moscow (Moscow). This meeting between the two leaders is scheduled to take place on February 18. It is worth noting here that this meeting between Putin and Lukashenko is taking place when Russia has deployed its troops in Belarus. In this way he has surrounded Ukraine from the north side.

At the same time, the Indian government has become active after complaints from Indian students stranded in Ukraine about not getting flights. The government has lifted the ban on operating limited flights to and from Ukraine under the Air Bubble Agreement due to the corona virus. Now airlines can operate any number of flights to Ukraine. Also special chartered flights can also be operated.

The UK government said on Thursday that it was ending the so-called “golden visa” system offering residence to wealthy foreign investors amid security concerns. Britain was constantly under pressure to review its relations with Russia. The UK Home Office said the Tier-1 investor visa regime provided “opportunities for corrupt rich people to access the UK”.

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