Ukraine-Russia Crises: Heavy explosion inside car in eastern Ukraine, gas pipeline fire, fear of war increased! – Ukraine Russia Crises blast gas pipeline war america ntc

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  • Joe Biden’s warning – Putin should step back
  • ‘If there is war, there will be strict sanctions on Russia’

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine are increasing. Claims are definitely being made that there will be no attack, but the situation on the ground seems to be on the contrary. Now on Friday, there has been a loud explosion inside a car in eastern Ukraine. The incident took place in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk, which has been occupied by Russian-backed separatists. This vehicle is said to be of the regional security chief Denis Sinenkov. In addition, a section of a gas pipeline in eastern Ukraine has caught fire.

Ukraine attack or Russian conspiracy?

Now not much information has been revealed about this attack. But America is constantly claiming that Russia can attack Ukraine under the false flag campaign. For information, let us tell you that the meaning of the false flag campaign is that a country attacks its own territory and then accuses any other country of it. Then on the basis of that attack, retaliation should be taken.

Ever since the escalation of tension between Russia and Ukraine, many countries in the West have been continuously warning that Russia may attack Ukraine under a false flag campaign. For now, Russia is blaming Ukraine for this car blast incident. At the same time, the exodus of children and women from both the separatist-held areas has also been started. Everyone is being sent away saying that Ukraine can launch a major attack soon. But Ukraine has vehemently rejected these claims. On his behalf, Russia has been accused on the contrary.

America’s final warning to Russia

For now the situation remains tense and the US President has made it clear that Russia can attack Ukraine at any moment. In his address, Biden has said that America has received such inputs that Putin has made up his mind to attack Ukraine. They can also attack the capital of Ukraine. According to President Biden, he is not going to send the US military to the Ukraine border. But their support is going to be with Ukraine.

Joe Biden has insisted that strict action will be taken if Russia does not step back. All kinds of restrictions will be imposed. The US has advised that Russia can still handle the situation through diplomacy.

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