Ukraine Russia Latest News: Russia Backed Ukraine Rebels Order Troop Mobilization Amid Putin Invasion Fears Russian Jets Deployed

Ukraine’s pro-Russian rebels have ordered military mobilization amid US President Joe Biden’s warning of an attack on Kiev. These rebels claim that the Ukrainian army is continuously shelling their area. Rebel factions Lugansk People’s Republic and Donetsk People’s Republic have now ordered the army to mobilize. Earlier, these rebels had brought a large number of pro-Russian people from their area to Russian territory.

Denis Pushilin, a leader of these pro-Russian rebels, said he had ordered the army to mobilize. Pushlin said, ‘I want to ask my fellow countrymen who are in reserve to come to the Military Logistics Department. I have issued an order for mobilization of the army today. He alleged that the Ukrainian army was shelling on a large scale in his area. Our military has prevented many attacks by Ukraine in recent days.

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Massive fighter jets deployed at Russian air base
These rebels have barred people between the ages of 18 and 55 from going out in their area. He claimed that the Ukrainian President can order an attack on our territory at any time. Meanwhile, satellite images have revealed that Russia has deployed a large number of fighter jets at one of its air bases adjacent to the Ukrainian border. Russia has deployed these aircraft at a time when it claims that the Russian army is returning after its exercise.

Satellite images have shown that all Russian aircraft are placed in perfect attack position. Apart from this, Russia has also deployed weapons and troops on a large scale in Crimea, Belarus. Leonid Paschnik, leader of the Luhansk region, said in a statement that to save civilians from the bloodshed, I appeal to the people of the region to go to Russia as soon as possible. The move comes amid increased shelling in the region in recent days between Ukrainian government forces and Russian-backed rebels. This has given rise to Western fears that Russia may attack on this pretext. In 2014, separatist conflicts in eastern Ukraine killed more than 14,000 people.
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Russia has decided to attack: Joe Biden
Earlier on Friday, US President Joe Biden said on Friday that he was “sure” that the Russian president has decided to attack Ukraine in the coming times. Biden said he had “reason to believe” that this would happen in the “coming days” and that there would be attacks on the capital, Kiev. On Friday, a convoy was fired upon in the conflict zone and civilians were evacuated by Russian-backed rebels. A car bombed in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk, but no casualties were reported. Earlier, the US had been consistently saying that it could not say with certainty that Putin had made the final decision to launch a large-scale attack.

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