Ukraine Tension Russia Military Begins Massive Nuclear War Drill

Ukraine Conflict: The talk between Russia and America regarding Ukraine has increased to such an extent that the situation has reached nuclear war. The US has deployed nuclear-capable B-52 bombers jets to Europe, and has also sent its most advanced stealth fighter jet, the F-35. On the other hand, Russia is going to conduct the biggest nuclear missile drill ever in the presence of President Vladimir Putin tomorrow.

Situation reached in critical period

It can be easily guessed from this that how critical the situation has reached. Although an important meeting was also held in the United Nations Security Council to stop this war, but here also the heat between Russia and its rival countries was clearly visible.

On the other hand, many countries of Europe have also deployed their fighter jets to stop Russia, so Russia has not lagged behind. His navy has started a trial of attack on Ukraine in a way. Russian President Putin has already reminded America of its nuclear weapons.

Russia is better in terms of modern nuclear power

Talking to news agencies, Putin said that we know that Russia is not in competition with the combined power of NATO. We understand this but we also know that Russia is one of the world’s leading nuclear powers.

Putin said that Russia is much better than many other countries in terms of modern nuclear force, so there will be no winner. That is, Putin has told in gestures that if need be, he will not back down from using his atomic bomb. Perhaps this is the reason why America has sent its B-52 bombers to Europe.

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